RadioFlag Launches Top 50 Song Chart

RadioFlag’s playlist feature tracks what music artists and songs are getting the most airplay by radio DJ’s in their “connective listening” community,  and allows listeners to buy the songs posted on a DJ’s playlist.

Starting in January 2015, RadioFlag began sharing its  ’Top 50 Song Chart’. What is special about this list, is that it is generated by real independent – feeform radio DJs, who spin new music from college and internet radio stations.

These radio DJs have their finger on the pulse of emerging music and culture in their local communities and globally as well, so they discover and curate the trend setting music and artists before anyone else. When they do, they can’t wait to share their new discoveries with their listeners by giving these songs and artists radio airplay.

The RadioFlag ‘Top 50 Song Chart’ is ranked based on the number of spins radio DJs on RadioFlag give to music artists. Data is collected from the songs these radio DJs post on their new RadioFlag playlist feature, and is then analyzed each week. Radio DJs who use the playlist feature,  will now officially be setting new documented music trends.



So when you are tuned into your favorite radio DJ, check their profile page. If they are posting their music spins, you will see the ‘Playlist’ button. Click it and see the tracks they are playing. You can even purchase the music you like directly from their playlist on the RadioFlag app.



Top 50 List for January 2015:

1. Lava Proof Boots – ‘Little One’

2. The Smith Street Band – ‘Surrender’

3. They Might Be Giants – ‘Erase’

4. Mr. Goshness – ‘Jealous John’

5. Chevalier Avant Garde – ‘Young’

6. Trampled by Turtles – ‘Victory’

7. M-Project Feat. Mc Steal – ‘Hardest Bass Around’

8. Horie Yui – ‘Love Countdown’

9. Dj Rasha – ‘I’m Gone’

10. They Might Be Giants – ‘I wasn’t Listening’

11. Yuki – ‘Koibito Yo’

12. Michael Zucker – ‘Plump’

13. Ytcracker – ‘Feel Like Leisure Suit Larry’

14. Dj-Jo – ‘Cherry Blossom Color Season’

15. The Wood Brothers – ‘The Muse’

16. Silver Sails – ‘Surfin’

17. Mac Demarco – ‘Passing Out Pieces’

18. Balsam Range – ‘Burning Georgia Down’

19. Jack Garratt – ‘The Love You’re Given’

20. JuJu – ‘New York State of Mind’

21. Ark Analog – ‘Make Me A Mirror’

22. A.C .Newman – ‘You Could Get Lost Out Here’

23. Tamame – ‘Good Morning My Dream’

24. Pond – ‘Sitting On Top of a Crane’

25. Sarah Jarosz – ‘Shankill Butchers’

26. Morgan James – ‘Heart Shake’

27. Bottom of the Hudson – ‘Motorcaid’

28. Yak – ‘Plastic People’

29. Rainbow Dragon Eyes – ‘Chip Wrecked’

30. Buke and Gass – ‘Naked Cities’

31. The Ghost Inside – ‘Phoenix Flame’

32. Courtney Barnett – ‘History Eraser’

33. The Oxford Coma’ – ‘My Raid’

34. Viet Cong – ‘Silhouettes’

35. Theory of a Deadman – ‘Misery of Mankind’

36. Slash Feat. Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators – ‘Automatic Overdrive’

37. The Lasttrak – ‘Enter Enter Mission’ (the last lionlovers rock dub)

38. Bacalao – ‘Sonate’ (Fluomix)

39. Lady Dubbz – ‘love Tonight’

40. For Astronauts and Satellites – ‘Earth’

41. St. Vincent – ‘Birth in Reverse’

42. The Hackensaw Brothers – ‘Oh Girl’

43. White Lung – ‘Face Down’

44. Jansaw – ‘Rise’

45. Rev Theory – ’10 Years’

46. M-Project – ‘Hardcore Power’

47. Kommisar – ‘Mercury’

48. Pop Evil – ‘Goodbye My Friend’

49. I Love Makonnen – ‘Rumor’ (acoustic remix)

50. Big Star – ‘Mod Lang’


 Top 50 List for February 2015 :

1. Dune Rats – ‘Pogo’

2. 3 Pill Morning – ‘Loser’

3. Elephant Revival – ‘Sing To The Mountain’

4. Apollo Sunshine – ‘Breeze’

5. Young Guns – ‘Speaking In Tongues’

6. Sia – ‘Chandelier’

7. Whiskey Shivers – ‘There Is A Time’

8. Milo Mcmahon – ‘Come Get Me Eyes’

9. Triac – ‘Blue Shell Blues’

10. Field Report – ‘Fergus Falls’

11. The Midnight Ghost Train – ‘Arvonia’

12. Oh Honey – ‘Don’t You Worry, Love’

13. This Providence – ‘My Beautiful Rescue’

14. Chimp Spanner – ‘Dark Age Of Technology’

15. Royal Canoe – ‘Show Me Your Eyes’

16. Starset – ‘My Demons’

17. Kohmi Hirose – ‘Vacance No Megami’

18. Babymetal – ‘Gimme Chocolate!’

19. Eufeion – ‘Falling Over The Moon 2014′

20. Rose Ave. – ‘From A Closet In Norway (Oslo Blues)’

21. Mastodon – ‘The Wolf Is Loose’

22. Old Crow Medicine Show – ‘Wagon Wheel

23. Oliver Boyd And The Remembralls – ‘The Boy Who Lived ‘

24. Lisa Fischer – ‘How Can I Ease The Pain’

25. Dragon Ash – ‘Dark Cherries’

26. Sam Mulligan – ‘If We Were Kitties’

27. The Coast – ‘All Farewells’

28. Starclub – ‘Hard To Get’

29. The Wood Brothers – ‘Wastin’ My Time’

30. Brandon Santini – ‘Elevate Me Mama’

31. Undivided – ‘No Reason To Suffer’

32. The Evidence – ‘And If I Refure’

33. Brand New – ‘Daisy’

34. Gackt – ‘Mizerable’

35. The Weasel King – ‘What You Believe’

36. Organ Thieves – ‘Phoebe’

37. Benjamin Briggs – ‘Yes (Maybe)’

38. Duncan Sheik – ‘Barely Breathing’

39. Various Artists – ‘S.A.T.O.’

40. Europe – ‘War Of Kings’

41. Juniel – ‘Pretty Boy’

42. Yesterday’s Saints – ‘Sands Of Nod’

43. Caligula’s Horse – ‘Atlas’

44. Snarky Puppy – ‘Slow Demon’

45. Julian Fulton And The Zombie Gospel – ‘Kiss The Sun’

46. The Harbour Sound – ‘The Blitz’

47. Happy Fangs – ‘Raw Nights’

48. Tides Of Man – ‘Rescue’

49. Dj Distorter & M-Project – ‘Let The Rhythm’

50. Crazyfists – ‘Translator’


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Oscar and the Wolf – Belgium’s Addition to the Melancholic Pop Trend

Oscar and the Wolf  are the featured ‘World Tour Thursday‘ Artist, scouted out by the music curation team here at RadioFlag. All ‘World Tour Thursday’ bands and artists are invited to join the RadioFlag community so they can gain optimum and consistent exposure on a Global Stage, via RadioFlag’s social radio platform.  Bands and artists in our community are featured for “Tune You On Tuesday’, as well as other paradigm shifting initiatives that get them heard by Radio DJ’s and Worldwide music hunters. The artists we spotlight for ‘World Tour Thurday‘ are fresh new indie bands and music artists from different places around the world. Previously we featured the state of Alabama, and presently we are spotlighting artists from Belgium.  Additionally, we expose artists on all our peripheral social sites and write blog articles like this one.

In the success of their seemingly oxymoronic endeavor to make music with a catchy discontent, Belgium’s Oscar and the Wolf  join the likes of Lorde, Tove Lo, and Lykke Li in producing a darker, deeper, and gloomier kind of pop. Emotionally-infused with lyrics so true and painfully relatable, there is a risk of feeling contrite and conscience stricken dancing to it. The current trend into pop pessimism complicates classic pop elements, like synthesizers and electronic beats with haunting emotional admissions and a brooding attitude. The result is a exploratory style that doesn’t aim to find contentment in the often oblivious ecstasy and incognizance of predominant pop; electing instead for wholehearted submergence into the sullen shadowy side of the human experience.

Oscar and the Wolf  has gained a following in Belgium, and worldwide since their single “Orange Sky,” released a couple years ago, and more currently with their debut EP titled “Entity” in 2014.

“Entity” maintains the bands signature echo-laden fluidy style, yet dives even deeper into the melancholic musical undercurrents. Led by the vocals of Max Colombie, the album’s narrative is consistent with his shaky subdued voice, which manages to deliver a sense of precarious perplexity with soothing ease . Whispers hiss over layers of synth and piano compositions so dreamy and beautiful, you can’t help but luxuriate in the sadness. “Joaquim” is the perfect track to introduce the album’s synthy sorrow. It takes its time, allowing each overlay to breathe before drowning it with another layer of sound.

“Strange Entity” however is the lead single off “Entity” that is getting all the accolades from music critics for its moody complexion. Hints of guitar and piano peek through heavy drum and sinewy synth sounds to offer hope and beauty to the lost love song, before ghostly fade aways. The band’s Vevo music video, which stimulates the eyes with the same hallucinatory strangeness that the song uses to arrest the ears, has been viewed over a million times on YouTube; but the stripped down live version deserves equally as much play.

And, should you find yourself in an even darker mood, the song and video to “Princes” beckons ears to be embalmed in irrestible solace,  like a warm pool inside a candlelit grotto or the simple splendor of a freshly made bed.

With support from YOU-BEL 106.9, Pure-BEL 88.8 FM, 3Voor12, and De Toots Sessies, Oscar and the Wolf  has been spreading their particular brand of dark pop across Europe. With their growing presence on social media expanding their popularity around the globe, we can all anxiously anticipate the band touring the States eventually. So, start running your ears alongside the hypnotic howls of these savage-pop darklings, and tear into a prime taste of pensive- driven sound,  that is as fresh as it is fleshy.



written by @offtherecord  and edited by @airambrosia

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