Meet RadioFlag’s First Time INTERNATIONAL Best Show ‘RadioStar Awards’ Winners


RadioFlag’s 2013 Fall edition winners for ‘Best Radio Shows’ include international DJ’s for the very first time. After RadioFlag was the first to award call signs to international stations, its network of users started to gather their ears around all the new stations being added from various countries around the world, and RadioStar Awards nominations began to spring up on the Flagcast in support of these newly discovered shows.

RadioFlag continues to self fund its venture, and sustains steady growth thanks to its early adopters from college and internet radio all over  the U.S. They have done so entirely through a grassroots marketing approach, which continues to attract users globally. Therefore, the team is hopeful to see even more word of mouth expansion take place among international DJs, from student run stations to independent and community stations based all over the world, who have undiscovered talent, and want to share local perspectives, new sounds and emerging artists.

Selecting the ‘Best Music Show’ and ‘Best Variety Show’ winners was a collaborative decision made by a carefully selected panel of ‘Connective Listeners’ that dwell within RadioFlag Inc. — which is comprised of radio and music industry  professionals, former college radio DJs, local music artists and Radioflag interns.
The ‘Best Show’ selections were based on a combination of the following criteria :

50%  -    Show content / presentation quality / talent

25%  -    Introducing listeners to new local artists / helping launch new local artists 

25%  -    Audience size / fan base  / social interaction / ability to generate new                          listeners  

This first ever International ‘Best Music Show’ winners are represented by Italy, New Zealand, and Canada.


RadioFlag presents Italy’s ‘Best Music Show’ winner ‘Déjà la Nuit, hosted by Giuseppe Flavio Pagano and Giulia Marchetti from RadioECO, University of Pisa’s student run radio station. The nomination was ‘flagged’ by user Purple Haze, a listener  on RadioFlag from Santa Monica, California. I am sure this selection was a pleasant surprise for RadioFlag’s founder, a first generation American of Italian heritage; his mother from the region of Abruzzo and his father from Friuli.

‘Déjà La Nuit’ is described by its stylish hosts as “the program that holds space to the sounds of the night”. Radio DJ’s, Pagano and Marchetti bring their listeners sound offerings that will warmly enrapture the ears of discerning sonic tasters, with a rich feast of sumptuous acoustic amuse-bouches, or as they elegantly describe their show, “A velvety soft sonic celebration of the best Italian and international music artists…only for music gourmets”. A recent example of the sort of decadent delights discoverable on their live show, include artists like Parisian based chanteuse Cleo T, described as a chiaroscuro inspired and uniquely characterized for her ‘gold and shadow cabaret’ artistic style. She performed beautifully live on Déjà la Nuit in December 2013, while she was in Italy promoting her first album entitled ‘Songs of Gold and Shadow’, which was produced by British musician and songwriter John Parish.

Déjà la Nuit has exemplified the core mission of Radioeco as a whole, also shared by RadioFlag; to support a free-form listening experience, where promoting awareness for up-and-coming emerging artists is fundamental. An article posted this week on Radioeco’s blog, highlighted Déjà la Nuit as “Best Show” winners of The RadioStar Awards, also noting accolades they received by Italy’s Huffington Post, who mentioned them as one of the best shows of Italian web (internet / digital) radio. Don’t miss out on any more moonlit ear feasts, and chances to savor new sonic delicacies from emerging international artists. As I imagine these Italians would say it, “Mangia mangia bene, La Musica!”

Déjà la Nuit airs Live every Monday night, from 23:00 until (midnight) CET (5 PM EST/2 PM PST). For more info connect via radioflag and visit Radioeco’s station page.

Next up RadioFlag presents ‘Best Variety Show’ winner DJ Olivier Jutel Host of ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised’, a nominee from New Zealand - Radio One 91 FM, University of Otago’s student-run radio station. The nomination was ‘flagged’ by RadioFlag user Oman, a listener  from San Juan Capistrano, California.


‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised’ is New Zealand’s duallistically beat – driven variety show that keeps you up to speed on whats pulsing in politics, yet doesn’t neglect to give you some sweet beat breaks in between all the penetrating political talk. DJ Olivier shares critical thinking opinion and engaging analysis on the steamiest political issues that matter to people around the globe, as well as of course to the local Kiwis. Olivier describes his show as,”New Zealand’s finest critical politics show…interviews, beats, rhymes and consciousness with Oliver and friends.” The show consists of co-hosts Abe and Andrew, among various thought provocateurs he invites On-Air for live interviews. New Zealand political activist John Minto was a recent guest, where together they dove past the memorial delegation surrounding Nelson Mandela and straight into the legacy of the man, his victories against apartheid, and the current political challenges facing South Africa. Other recent and past revolution-driven guests included a live on-air discussion with Marie Leadbeater, author of ‘Peace Power and Politics’, and an interview with Ralph Hogan of ‘Deep Sea Oil Free NZ & NodrilllKAIKOURA’. Get an earful and join the revolution of live and un-televised entertainment every Friday morning 10-12 AM Kiwi time (1-2 PST / 4-6 EST) For more info connect via radioflag on Radio 1′s station page.


Last but certainly not least, RadioFlag presents another international ‘Best Music Show’ winner, Ruby Slippers Radiohosted by DJ Carol Barrett, a nominee from Canada – Radio CUIT University of Toronto’s student-run alternative station. The nomination was ‘flagged’ by RadioFlag user Jellyfish, a listener from Las Vegas, Nevada.

‘Ruby Slippers Radio’, is a show featuring “Music you know, you think you know, and you’ve never heard before”.  Carol’s open format show includes everything from indie to progressive, psychedelic, rock, and beyond. Giving airplay to local Canadian talent acts are an integral aspect of what she works to do as a radio host, as she believes personal sessions and interviews with the bands and musicians allow her the opportunity to lend a birds eye view into the sights and sounds emanating from her local music community. Ruby Slippers Radio is on-air-live every Friday evening from 7-8 pm EST. Feel free to connect  with her via RadioFlag, her show’s blog, and visit CIUT’s station page.

The Best Show winners from the United States hailed from West Long Branch, New Jersey (‘Takeover Thursdays’ from WMCX ), Toledo, Ohio (‘Radio Alchemy fromWXUT), Bowling Green, Ohio ( RadioStar Awards first two time winner Dirty Glitter from WBGU), and Long Beach, California (‘Faces of Radio from KCTY). KCTY also won the ‘Station of the Year’ award for 2013, and Dirty Glitter is also the first RSA winner to have a show internationally syndicated in the UK, on London’s Hoxton FM.

RadioFlag hopes to see even more International radio DJs around the globe seek nominations for their shows, by their fellow DJs and listeners. The Spring 2014 edition of the RadioStar Awards is currently underway and accepting nominations. DJs remember to submit your ‘Best Artist’ nominations and learn more about RadioFlag’s ‘Got Airplay?’ collaboration campaign. Check out the RadioStar Awards page for all the juicy details, on how you can be the next who shines as  a RadioStar Awards winner!

Read about the  ‘Got Airplay?’ collaboration campaign, ‘Cuz Air Should Be Free’ 

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