Avid Music Lover Runs London Marathon For Our Pilot Project Partner, AET


Around this time last year, RadioFlag did a TEDX talk, where we mentioned how internet radio and mobile technologies are helping to educate and empower people in Africa, including some of the most conflict ridden parts of Africa. RadioFlag put “it” (our beliefs) out there; one being that we believe internet radio can help provide remote education for children who cannot safely travel to classrooms to learn, and it can essentially create “social-radio powered classrooms” for those in Africa. Later part of last year is when RadioFlag and Africa Educational Trust first connected, with the feeling that there could be some great synergy in exploring this mission together, so we mutually decided to develop a pilot project, which is currently underway.

 In the spirit of collaboration, we invite you to learn more about AET and their 2016 marathon runner Charlotte, who loves exploring the world, discovering new music, bands and DJs, and is an avid festival goer; that is when she is not running to unwind, or as in this case, running for a worthy cause. You can support Charlotte and AET by donating to her virgin money giving page. All donation will be matched.


AET’s RadioFlag station page

via @airambrosia


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February 2016 ‘Top 55′ Song Chart: RadioFlag DJ’s Gave These Artists the Most Spins

RadioFlag’s  ‘Top 55 Song Chart’ is made possible by independent, live radio DJs from college and internet radio stations from around the globe. Every month the Song chart showcases mostly ‘just released’ (and many ‘not yet released’) music, comprised mainly of new emerging bands and artists from around the world. The Song chart is based on the number of spins Radio DJs give a track. Data is collected from the songs these radio DJs post on their RadioFlag profile via its playlist feature. This is then analyzed each week. January’s line up is filled with a colorful of assortment sounds and genres described as follows: rock-blues-funk-folk, piano prog-pop,  indie pop, garage rock, rock-blues-punk-alternative, hard rock, metal, electronic rock, futuristic, electro-indie, alt-pop, house, prog-rock, art rock, anime, j-pop, rock ‘n’ roll, indie rock, hip-hop, rap, art pop, post-punk, dark pop, R & B, and psychedelic. 

The Radio DJs on RadioFlag who are the first to us its playlist feature, are setting new documented music trends, and they authentically have their finger on the pulse of emerging music and culture both locally and globally; so they often discover and give airplay to new music acts before anyone else. So, if you’re a music artist or band, maybe think about connecting with radio DJ’s via RadioFlag. Check out their profile, tune in to a live show, and if you think they’ll like your style, send them a message or link to your music. If they like your sound and vice versa, they may just give you some spins. If they are posting the music they play, you will see their ‘Playlist’ button on their profile page. Click it and see if the tracks they play sync up with your style.  Music can even be purchased directly from the DJs playlist via RadioFlag’s app.

 N  ’new music’ released within 2015/16, or soon to be released)

Top 55  SongChart for February 2016:

1. N Cranston Dean – ‘Bastille’ (rock, blues, funk, folk) – Atlantic Highlands, NJ BUY

Cranston Dean Band - Sarajevo

2. N The Vaughns – ‘What’s Cooking’ (indie pop/ garage rock) – Springfield, NJ BUY

The Vaughns - Tomfoolery

3. N Black Pistol Fire – ‘Hard Luck’ (rock, blues, punk, alternative) – Toronto BUY

Black Pistol Fire - 'Hard Luck'

4. N The Neighbourhood – ‘Prey’ (“black & white”, alternative, indie rock, pop) – Newbury Park, CA BUY

The Neighborhood - Wiped Out!

5. N Evans Blue – ‘Igod’ (rock ) – St. Louis/ Toronto/ Columbus  BUY

Evans Blue - 'IGod'

6. Seether – ‘Words as Weapons’ (rock, hard rock, alternative, metal ) – South Africa BUY

Seether - Isolate and Medicate

7. N of Verona – ‘Stay Gold’ (futuristic, electro-indie, alt-pop) – Los Angeles BUY

of Verona

8. N Red Sun Rising – ‘Emotionless’ (alternative rock) – Akron, Ohio BUY

Red Sun Rising - Polyester Zeal

9. N Adelitas Way – ‘Bad Reputation’ (rock) –  Las Vegas BUY

Adelitas Way - 'Bad Reputation'

10. N The Struts – ‘Kiss This’ (rock) – Derby, UK BUY

The Struts - Kiss This

11. N 3 Doors Down – ‘In the Dark’ (rock) – Escatawpa, Mississippi BUY

3 Doors Down - Us and the Night

12. N Cranston Dean – ‘All My Skin’ (rock, blues, funk, folk) – Atlantic Highlands, NJ BUY

Cranston Dean Band - Sarajevo

13. N Into It. Over It. – ‘Required Reading’ (indie rock) – Chicago BUY

14. N Black Angel – ‘(Bernie Sanders) Happy Days’ (rock ‘n’ roll) – Santa Clara, CA BUY

15. The Cult – ‘Savages’ (rock, hard rock, adult alternative) – UK BUY

16. N Private Island – ‘Mishka’ (alternative, rock) – Los Angeles BUY

17. N Damien Jurado – ‘Exit 353′ (alternative, rock) – Seattle BUY

18. Tantric – ‘Breakdown’ (rock) – Louisville, Kentucky BUY

19. N Beach House – ‘All Your Yeahs’ (psychedelic, indie rock) – Baltimore, Maryland BUY

20. N V-Axis – ‘Dystopia’ (electronic, house) BUY

21. Immaculate Machine – ‘Dear Confessor’ ( indie rock) – Victoria, BC BUY

22. N Awolnation – ‘Windows’ (alternative, indie rock) – Los Angeles BUY

23. Destrophy – ‘The Way of Your World’ (rock) – Des Moines, Iowa BUY

24. N Tilla – ‘Know Yourself’ (experimental soul) – London BUY

25. N The Zolas – ‘Swooner’ (piano prog-pop, alternative) – Vancouver, BC BUY

26. N Jam Project – ‘The Hero!!’ (anime, j-pop) – Japan BUY

27. David Bowie – ‘Heroes’ (rock, pop, art rock) – UK BUY

28. Incubus – ‘Drive’ (alternative) – Calabasas, CA BUY

29. N Totally Mild – ‘When I’m Tired’ (pop) – Melbourne, Australia BUY

30. N The Active Set – ‘Actual Factual’ (rock, alternative) – Los Angeles BUY

31. Tune-Yards – ‘Gangsta’ (alternative, art pop) – Tune-Yards -Oakland  BUY

32. N Dignitary – ‘Dark Circles’ (post-punk, dark pop) – Los Angeles BUY

33. N Diiv – ‘Under The Sun’ (indie rock, alternative) – New York City BUY

34. Dan Deacon – ‘When I Was Done Dying’ (electronic, prog-rock, art rock) – Baltimore, Maryland BUY

35. N Dekades – ‘The Drones Are Coming’ (rock, alternative) – Los Angeles BUY

36. N Billion Dollar Babies – ‘The Junkies Ball’ (hard rock) – Falun, Sweden BUY

37. N Slow Corpse – ‘Moons’ (alternative, post-punk) – Ashland, Oregon BUY

38. N Sevendust – ‘Chop’ (hard rock, heavy metal) – Atlanta, Georgia BUY

39. N The Raveonettes – ‘Loyalty Sport’ (alternative) – Copenhagen, Denmark BUY

40. Hoobastank – ‘The Reason’ (adult alternative, rock) – Agoura Hills, California BUY

41. Mgmt – ‘Indie Rokkers’ (psychedelic, indie rock) – Middletown, Connecticut BUY

42. N Phantomgram – ‘K.Y.S.A.’ (hip-hop, rap) – Greenwich, NY BUY

43. The Ramones – ‘We Want The Airwaves’ (rock, punk) – New York City BUY

44. Tom Petty – ‘A Woman In Love’ (rock) – Gainesville, FL BUY

45. Cake – ‘Sheep Go To Heaven’ (alternative rock) – Sacramento, California BUY

46. N O’Brother – ‘Deconstruct’ (alternative) – Atlanta, Georgia BUY

47. Malukah – ‘Tale Of The Tongues’ (video game) – Mexico BUY

48. Cranston Dean Band – ‘Come Back Home’ (rock, blues) – Highlands, NJ BUY

49. N Post Malone – ‘White Iverson’ (hip-hop, rap) – Syracuse, New York BUY

50. R. Kelly – ‘Your Body’s Callin” (R & B) – Chicago BUY

51. N Hot Chip – ‘Huarache Lights’ (electronic, adult alternative) – London BUY

52. N Mainland – ‘Fading Friends’ (rock, alternative) – New York City BUY

53. N Flying Lotus – ‘R2 Where R U?’ (electronic) – Los Angeles BUY

54. A Tribe Called Quest – ‘Oh My God (Ft. Busta Rhymes)’ (hip-hop, rap) – New York City BUY

55. N Buffalo Brothers – ‘I Love You All the Time’ (rock) – Manchester, UK BUY

via @airambrosia in cooperation with  SONG SYNERGY

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