February 2017 ‘Top 55′ Song Chart: RadioFlag DJ’s Gave These Artists the Most Spins

RadioFlag’s  ‘Top 55 Song Chart’ is made possible by independent, live radio DJs from college and internet radio stations from around the globe, who use our network to promote their content. Every month our ‘Top 55′ showcases mostly ‘just released’ (and many ‘not yet released’) music, comprised mainly of new emerging bands and artists from around the world. Our ’55′ Chart is based on the number of spins Radio DJs give a particular track, and post on the ‘playlist feature’ on our App, which also allows listeners to click/buy directly. The playlist feature keeps track of ‘the most spun tracks in our network’ and these metrics are collected each month.

Independent radio DJs are setting music trends and have their ears tuned in to new artists, and often have their fingers on the pulse of emerging culture locally and globally. This translates into giving airplay to new music acts before anyone else. Music artists have connected online with radio DJ’s on RadioFlag and got spins that way too.

Top 55  SongChart for February  2017:
 Nmusic released within a year, or soon to be released

          1. Julien Baker – ‘Something’
          2.   Plts – ‘Coast To Coast’
          3. N Max Restaino  - ‘No’
          4. Royal Tusk – ‘Shadow Of Love’
          5. N Hanni El Khatib – ‘This I Know’
          6. Jets Overhead – ‘White Out’
          7. Say Yes – ‘Too Much, Not Enough’
          8. N Eisley – ‘Always Wrong’
          9. N Backwards Dancer – ‘I Saw Your Spirit’
          10. N Sleep On It – ‘Unspoken’
          11. N Halfnoise – ‘French Class’
          12. Oneohtrix Point Never – ‘Americans
          13. N Acceptance – ‘Colliding By Design’
          14. N Knox Hamilton – ‘Pretty Way to Fight’
          15. N Faderhead – ‘Know Your Darkness’
          16. Hail The Sun – Rolling Out The Red Carpet
          17. The High Dials – ‘What You Call Love Is A Lie’
          18. Aircraft – ‘Space Euphoria’
          19. N Covet – ‘Ares’
          20. N OWEL -’Slow’
          21. N Radio Free Universe – ‘Six’
          22. N Flying Deadman -’Abrasive Skins’
          23. Oregon Bike Trails – Cayucas
          24. N Kneebody – ‘Uprising’
          25. Aaron Freeman – Gimme One More
          26. Zeus  - ‘The Renegade’
          27. N Sorority Noise – ‘A Better Sun’
          28. Brian Alben   – ‘It’s You’
          29. N Electric Cake Salad   – ‘Reason To Stay’
          30. N TOTORRO – Brocolissimo
          31. N Lane Change  - ‘Floodwater’
          32. The Delta Mirror – ‘Probability And Outcome’
          33. Parlovr – ‘Married On A Sunday’
          34. N Ashley Macisaac – ‘Hubert’S Story’
          35. Icarus The Owl – ‘Peak And Valley Lines’
          36. N Paul Dempsey – Be Somebody
          37. N Thank You Scientist – ‘Psychopomp’
          38. Beck  - ‘Lord Only Knows’
          39. Red Dragon Cartel – ‘War Machine’
          40. Steve Winwood – ‘Roll With It 12-Inch Remix’
          41. Strange Talk – ‘So In Love’
          42. N Rollingexile  - ‘Good Morning London’
          43. Windhand – ‘Hyperion’
          44.   Seams – Rilo
          45.   Sun Glitters – ‘Three, Four Days’
          46.   Sounds From The Ground – ‘Infrared’
          47. N Overkill – ‘Come Heavy
          48. Caribou – ‘Brahminy Kite’
          49. Oneohtrix Point Never – ‘Still Life’
          50. R.Roo – ‘Thank You’
          51. Eyehategod – ‘Framed To The Wall’
          52. N Unearthly Trance – ‘Into The Sprial’
          53. Code Orange – ‘The New Reality’
          54. N Liv Sin – ‘Let Me Out
          55. Lost Signal – ‘Preface’
          56. in collaboration with SONG SYNERGY

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“Music, Universal Tool For Emotional Liberation”


credit: ArtMisfits.com

 ”Music is What Feelings Sound Like”

Who hasn’t been emotionally overwhelmed by a bad breakup, or deeply frustrated by personal circumstances? Have you ever felt really sad or really mad and then indulged these emotions by listening to music that triggers them even more? You’re not the only one. In fact, there are scientific research studies that highlight this as one of the main drivers for why people listen to music in the first place.

The burning question we want to know right now is ” Pray tell, why the hell do we do this to ourselves” ? Rest assured, we are not masochistic music fiends. In actuality, we are innately wired towards self preservation and life, and the only way we can survive the overload of pain we accumulate through life, is to find ways to release and let go of it, or we risk a toxic build up of blocked energy that dams us up.


To put it simply, emotions like music, are ‘energy in motion’. So, ‘e-motions’, like anything else that is not free to flow, gets stagnant, and stagnation is death. Whether consciously or unconsciously, and irrespective of why we are driven towards music, be it mood regulation, self awareness, or expression of social relatedness, all life is hard wired to desire survival, live and enjoy the biggest slice of life possible. Therefore, as humans we may find ourselves instinctively reaching for music as the most elevated and natural medicine in existence, because on an esoteric level that is exactly what it is.

Quote by Michael Jackson


Indulging in music to trigger an emotion can be cathartic, meaning it can reach into our pain on a deep level, creating room for us to feel it completely, and once completed the ‘energy in motion’ (e-motion) can move out and move on, versus getting repressed inside our minds and bodies and weighing us down,.. down …down over time.




This is why music is a gift. It can be a powerful ‘signature elixir’ against repressed anger and self annihilation, if we harness it in this way. Furthermore, self-administered ‘music energetics’ do not carry the weight of negative side effects and hefty financial cost of other “medicines” and therapies. And by just our luck, and in more ways then not, it is free and available to us, as it should be.

After all, “Music is the Universal language of all mankind” as was wisely and infamously coined by an American poet and Harvard professor from long long ago, named Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.  Music it seems, at very least, is a universal tool for personal growth and emotional liberation. The question is how free do we want to be, or another words how much can we let go and make room for the music…?


…continuation of this topic will take shape in follow up articles that will explore Music, Mood and the Ladder of Emotional Hierarchy.

via @airambrosia

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