RadioStar Awards Spring 2012 ~ ‘Spreads the Love’

With the fullness of Spring in the Air, RadioFlag’s Inaugural RadioStar Awards was one all about “Spreading the Love.”  Much of the feel good affections RadioFlag is planting this vernal season is of the much needed green varietal; fresh, fertile, lush, “cashola” without the payola. In spite of being a boot strapped, totally self funded start up; Radioflag wanted to give back to this community of early adopting tech savvy stations in a way that really matters. The RadioFlag team consists partly of a handful of veteran and current college DJ’s, who know first hand how much it helps a station to receive those cash donations, especially considering how skilled many university campus broadcasters can be at making those dollars stretch. So RadioFlag decided to put its money where its mouth is!

In the weeks leading up to the RadioStarAwards, it was quite a kerfuffle among the judges to select winners.  Some of the fuss was caused by judges feeling as though certain shows were not placed in the most appropriate categories, as seemed to be the case with shows like Scottie Lee Meyers’ General Store Social, a total righteous slice of Folk, Rockabilly, and Soul pie served up by a genuine Redwood forest dwellin’ Organ Grinder’s Monkey. Tune in to iKRFH sometime to taste some of that downright wholesome retro goodness,  sure to shake the wax right outta y’er ear blossoms.

It was difficult choosing some shows as winners, like one recognizable DJ who was nominated by iKRFH, and then soon thereafter left the air and the station. This was the case with Elliot Golan’s Friday Night Feast, a ever revolving ear feast of themed based & listener driven delectable lixx. Similarly, show favorites like Burrow Klown’s 54/40 or Bust, a multi- genre trek into the Canadian Music scene, was difficult to consider, since she had unexpectedly moved from her nominating station WSBF Clemson in South Carolina to KNDS in North Dakota. Other shows like DJ Hot Sexy Midnight’s “Music to Make Love to your Old Lady By“ were simply deemed un-categorizable ( beyond a solely “Music” Category to say the least) due to an absurdly creative “out of the box” extraordinarily, disorderly, un-ordinary radio personality. Ahhhem….

Next year RadioFlag expects to see even more stations connecting with listeners  through its social- radio tech platforms. A totally new way of socializing ‘Real Live Radio’ is pretty foreign to most people, but the momentum that has been generated after barely just one year is evident that things are on an emerging upswing!

For those who are curious to know more about the “big decision makers;”  the RadioStar Award judges were a blend of longstanding RadioFlag team members, RadioFlag interns, veteran college radio Djs, current college radio Djs, professional sportscasters, professional radio hosts, professional musicians, RadioStar bloggers (yes little ol’ me had her two cents to share).

I personally was relieved to hear the decisions were finally made, and was happy to see the love reach out to as many winners as possible, for this first ever Radio Star Awards. In the future, RadioFlag is keen to connect with sponsors for the upcoming Fall RadioStar Awards. Do you know a sponsor you think would pair up nicely with RadioFlag & partner up well for next season’s RadioStarAwards? If so, you can let RadioFlag know by just dropping them a line at the email below.

Meet Spring 2012 RadioStar Award Winners

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Trash-o-matic Garbage A-go-go with Filthy Rotten Wes

How do you know you need psychoanalysis? Well if you felt compelled to stay tuned in to the records being played on KUCI a couple Sundays ago, you can take that as the first sign. Secondly, you would have come to realize, as I did, that psychoanalysis has never been this fabulous, and being a little bit psycho has never been so fun. Finally, you would recognize that we all have a little psycho running around inside ourselves, and maybe we just need some retro loony tunes to soothe our bouts of moon-induced lunacy.

“How do you know you need psychoanalysis? Well if you were still listening to this record, that should be your first sign.”

The record that DJ Filthy Rotten Wes was referring to, and all the jams following it, offered retro music maniacs a two-hour-long psychosis-producing radio therapy session. DJ Filthy Rotten Wes is the head doctor of the airwaves on Sunday nights from 10 p.m. to 12 a.m. PST in the KUCI ward, and he is always ready to slip you the perfect pill of vintage, laced with the ultimate, nostalgic prescription for beatnik hipness. DJ Filthy Rotten Wes hosts Trash-o-matic Garbage A-go-go, an awesome show with a different theme for each episode. On this particular night, his show was based around the twisted theme of psychoanalysis.

This uniquely-themed edition of Trash-o-matic was comprised of a completely psychotic playlist, with songs like “I Hear Voices” by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, “Psycho” by the Sonics, and “Psychotic Reaction” by Positively Thirteen O’Clock. DJ Filthy Rotten Wes even played sound samples of the comical Del Close between sets, providing do-it-yourself psychological testing for listeners.

“Just a warning to you…it’s 11 o’clock and the maniacs, including yourself, are on the loose.”

This DJ has been spinning wild tunes for mad goons and beatniks for over seven years now. He offers a late night variety of underground old sounds with genres that include crazy rhythm and blues, wild rockabilly, manic monster music, spooky surf ‘n’ drag, dangerous garage, and even 60′s rock ‘n’ roll in foreign languages.

While listening in on Trash-o-matic alone this night, I heard the maniacal laughter of a mad man getting louder and louder in the background. These are the typical transitions you will hear between songs, vintage PSA’s, sound-samples, and DJ Wes himself, when listening to his show. With such a rad radio personality and psycho theme, it was easy to stay locked in on this show. These eerie sounds even had me questioning my own sanity. Then again, this night’s show theme clearly demonstrated why no DJ is more popular during the Halloween season than DJ Wes, and in my opinion, he should be the DJ of choice for your annual costume party.

Wes clearly puts his time, his thought, and his soul into his playlists, as he welcomed callers but not requests; just the kind of unpredictability RadioFlag listeners love and appreciate about live radio. You want to learn a bit about some of the hippest, coolest music you will likely never hear anywhere else? Tune in to this show and listen to a DJ who truly knows the history of music’s most unique and rare genres.

Little did I know that Trash-O-Matic would reveal my unconscious interests of psychedelic 60’s music and make me slightly aware of my own possible madness. However, now I have the prescription to curb my retro craving mania. One of the basic tenets of psychoanalysis, is that the liberation from the effects of our unconscious material is achieved through bringing this material into the consciousness . So by unleashing my unconscious vintage-loving fantasies every Sunday night, I have discovered a healthy way to keep my little inner, retro monster tamely at bay and purring peacefully.

Tune in to @Trashomatic on RadioFlag.
Trash-o-matic Garbage A-go-go airs Sunday nights from 10 p.m.-12 a.m. PST on KUCI.

By: Rx Queen, Air Ambrosia, and Stella Static

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@RxQueen or @AirAmbrosia or @StellaStatic on RadioFlag
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