iKRFH’s Friday Night Feast w/ DJ Elliot Golan, Taste Some Sound with a Themed Up Turntable of Delicious Licks

Ever imagine what your favorite song would taste like? What color would it be? What texture would it have? How would it feel wrapped around your skin?

One DJ out of Humboldt State University with a serious passion for the mic, will give you his all, in an effort to meld all your senses with the music he feeds your ears, on his weekly radio broadcast “Friday Night Feast.”

 “I try to do too much, but it’s somehow the only way I know how to live. Friday Night Feast is a weekly serving of music, with all courses covered. And dessert is never forgotten.”     ~DJ Elliot Golan

Well if you are a natural born Synesthete, you know exactly what I am talking about, as the joining and crisscrossing of the senses is an ordinary everyday occurrence. What’s a Synesthete you ask?  In actuality there exists an ocean of different types, but the kinds we are most curious about are those who can taste sounds, hear colors, or smell the title of a song. Yes, for real!

So for everyone else out there who is not innately endowed with daily doses of synaesthesia-like experiences, take into account that on some levels you have experienced an element of what it’s like to be a synesthete whenever you have a hunger for something other than food.

Music for one, is a biggie. After all, what real music lover does not occasionally get a craving to hear a song that reminds them of a special time, invokes a feeling, motions a mood, or sparks a memory?  Have you ever smelled something that brought the memory of a song into your mind? Certainly you have, thanks to your memory snuggling limbic system.

We all have heard a tune that instantly propels us back in time, rekindling past moments of our lives; memories of high school days, a past relationship, personal heartbreak, special Holidays, or an exceptionally steamy summer.


Speaking of steamy, how many of us have at some point sought out the perfect wine to pair with a special romantic dinner? Hopefully we did not forget to match some sexy music with the hue of the mood. If the atmosphere you’re going for is a passionate one, perhaps you’d match a red hot zesty song to dance along side the legs running down that glass of flamboyant Spanish red wine, insuring that things are simmering at a prrrrfect temperature.

So, take a moment now to imagine that you’re invited to a larger dinner fest; a themed audio feast, seated at a giant turntable where a revolving menu of fresh themes, tunes, genres, and music artists await your selection.  At this shindig the Chef / Host takes all of your musical special orders and song requests, and caters to the personal whims of each ear in attendance. Sound tasty?

So whether it’s a romantic aura you’re out to cast, or a hankering of your own songster soul to be taken on a melodic journey, a feast of ear filling edibles awaits your RSVP (respondez si’l vous plait).

Friday Night Feast w/ DJ Elliot  serves up a passionate plate of all you can eat “Themed”  music showcases. Every week he introduces a new theme which will serve as the inspiration behind his “Menu of Music” for his upcoming show. Since Elliot first discovered RadioFlag, he has successfully branded himself as an enthusiastic host, serving up a constant assortment of audio sustenance to his listeners each and every week. He stirs the pot so to speak, all week long, promoting his show with whiffs of what’s going on to the turntable for the next feasting frenzy.

He aims to hype  his listeners’ senses beforehand, starting with subtle cravings to full on famished. Loyal listeners and station surfers alike are welcome to pop in for a lick or two, sample a few beats to bite on, request a tapas sized tune, or relish the entire multiple course sonic feast of 2 hours of non stop theme-focused, listener-powered delectable lixx.



Like an ‘Iron Chef’ of the airwaves, DJ E. Golan proudly opens up his gourmet gallery of sound every Friday Night 10-12pm PST. Each week he invites RadioFlag listeners to add their very own flavors to the pot, in the form of song requests, and has even honored last minute theme suggestions. Two weeks ago, listeners requested he do a Full Moon theme, since on that night it was indeed a full moon.  Elliot aims to please his listeners, and worked it out last minute, in spite of having an 80’s themed show already planned.

One of the first Friday Night Feast shows heard by the RadioFlag community was back in January 2012,  before Humboldt University’s campus station took its long hiatus from the airwaves. His Color theme really caught my attention (a personal favorite theme).  Other past themes included story songs, emotions, international, unknown artists, vices, one hit wonders, places, names, very recently and wonderfully – the full moon, and the latest was an all 80′s theme.


Elliot puts a lot of heart into his shows, and constantly heralds to his listeners “this is my special place, the absolute highlight of my week.” He makes himself irresistibly inescapable to listeners on RadioFlag, enticing them one by one with audio aromas that leave you tempted to tune in. He is one of the most eager DJ’s around who relishes the “mise en place”  in preparation of the feast as much as the feast itself. He sincerely seems to love being a DJ, and earnestly puts himself out there, and deeply appreciates the positive interactions he receives from his listeners. The flags sent back and forth with members of his audience,  create a unity that really seem to matter to him.

This DJ makes admirable efforts to select evocative themes, flagging invites on RadioFlag all week long to encourage listener participation,  even throughout the course of the Friday Night Feast show- when treating listener Flags like ingredients that will only better his broth.

Tune in to Friday Night Feast and get your fill of a random rue of saucy sounds, where the recipes are the freshest around because they come from a bountiful harvest of listener input. A Feast for your ears of crisp thematic ingredients, a little vice for spice, and all the love a DJ Chef can give.

Be sure to tune in for DJ Elliot Golan’s last two shows to air on iKRFH for your final chance for an ear feast. Even though Elliot is bidding us adieu, his Deejaying has left a long lasting musical mark on our ear drums. We look forward to an impromptu visit from this Chef of the Radio Waves in the future, hoping his departure is just a short palate teasing reprise.

DJ Elliot leaves us in good hands at campus station iKRFH; a magical station of unstoppable creativity and unbounded individuality. I have a sense there is something about the terroir /essence of this place that evokes a free spirit of self expression. Could it be the giant redwoods, enchanted green forests, and fresh coastal foggy air that shrouds this place? A mystical area of the Golden State of California that breathes a music of its own? Next time I run into DJ SassyQuatch I will be sure to get her take.  [soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/42056604" iframe="true" /]

DJ Elliot Golan is nominated for “Best Music Show” in RadioFlag’s Inaugural RadioStar Awards. The RadioStar Awards are a Tribute to College Radio, and was created to help College stations unite, while celebrating their diversity. Stations have the opportunity to showcase  DJ’s in 4 different categories, twice per year; in other words four shows per year. So, if you like what you hear on “Friday Night Feast,” show support and “tune in” @elliotGolan adding him as a favorite DJ in your RadioFlag profile. iKRFH Studio request line: (707) 826-6077. To learn more about Elliot go to www.elliotgolan.com http://www.facebook.com/ElliotGolanPhotographyKRFH

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DJ TanhT will “Funk Your Face” on her Rollercoaster of Love

DJ’s at KUCI seem to all be seriously down with their No Mainstream Manifesto” (like it was a blood oath in fact), but one DJ actually “gets down” in total free-form funky fashion. She is known as DJ TanhT, y’all. Like a stick of fiery DY-NO-MiTE, she knows how to “bring it;”  blasting a world of sheer funky goodness into the faces of her listeners every Tuesday on her show “Funk your Face.” She does not stop the fireworks there. She goes even deeper into the Funk, dropping the bomb class knowledge about a genre she obviously is feelin’ the passion for. She lays down a fine smooth foundation, and lights up the history on everything the sound of funk and its related genres give to the body, mind, and soul, all in preparation to thoroughly “Funk your Face.”

TanhT is Tops when it comes to guiding her listeners to get their groove on, tuning them into the funk, soul, Afro-beat, jazz, reggae, instrumental hip hop, and anything that boogies.

While TanhT has a witty yet bluesy nurturing nature- a real soul sweetened radio persona, she does not shy away from the “meatiest of beats,” spinning some of the sexiest old school tracks that make you wanna get loose and shake your caboose, put the “Loco” in your motion, and get down to the funky cuts in a way that would make the Soul Train strut its stuff.

Pilot episode of a 1996 cartoon “The Name is Bootsy Baby”. “More bass in the monitors!” Bootsy Collins Cartoon

So  if you’re not ready to get down to some funk-filled underground, and vibe out to some well dressed music, you best back your self up on out of here and Save your Face from getting Funked. TanhT puts the FUN in FUNk, on her groovy “Roller Coaster of Love” ride. She exudes a playful, flirty, and provocative style which seems to keep her ” Super Funky Chicken”  listeners coming “bok bok” for more week after week, from near and far; some even as distant  as the UK.

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – Moments

 TanhT  knows how to spice things up and keep the variety going on, as she never serves up the same funky meal twice.  She goes from playing sets of Sun-Ra one week, sassy with some Big and Brassy from “Hypnotic Brass Ensemble” the next, to serving up some eclectic, evocative groove oriented originals from LA based band “Orgone” on this past Tuesday’s show. While TanhT was playing some marvelous sets from them, she invited listeners to dig into the Funk and check out the meaning of the word “Orgone.” Word Up ! TanhT mixes her fresh style nicely into the funky flow of the musical ether, cuz its all about the creative energy no doubt.

" If you are into gems, drop a diamond on it at the RECORD SHOP. Ask for Jay & tell him you FUNK YOUR FACE (((that's the secret password))) " ~TanhT Apt. ONLY 714.36.SHOP.1

Orgone “Ain’t No Use” (Live from the Nectar Lounge, Seattle) 

es , without a doubt there is never a dull moment when tuned into “TanhT Tuesdays,”  a true “Afternoon Delight” of Funking Your Face with beats that will surely move that junk in your trunk,  in ways that would have even made the late great Don Cornelius blush.

In her RadioFlag profile she describes her show with phrases like, “Cut a Rug, Give A Hug, Music For Your Mug,” and during her show you will hear her describe the   “Funk your Face”  experience,  using  her trademark show language such a “Funky, bumpy, never grumpy music for your ears.”


So if it’s your first time tuning in to “Funk YourFace,” be prepared for some explosive Funktastic sets, because as the name implies, DJ TanhT is Funkalicious!  While blazing through a hot trail of tracks from her raw repertoire of vinyl, her sultry radio voice runs along the radiowaves, like a silky smooth stocking seam racing into the perked up ears of her funk-fanatic listeners,  leaving them hotly anticipating what “get down” beats are superfly enough to make it on to her turntable next.  Her collection of boogie inducing and booty shaking genres by legendary artists, creates the kind of pizzazz that puts the “snazz in jazz” and then some.

George Duke – Funkin’ for the Thrill (1979)

This special DJ also draws from the sentiments and ideas of those whose quotes she takes great pleasure in sharing with her listeners:  

Dirt. Soil. It’s almost like jazz is linear, it’s like air. Funk to me, and soul to a degree, is like the earth. It’s the bottom of it all. It’s the beginning. It’s where it started. Gospel was kind of clean, it was like clean dirt. Funk is dirty dirt. Funk is funny. I never take funk seriously. I would feel funny playing funk in a place like Carnegie Hall because it’s not funkyenough…– George Duke


As gritty and sizzling as things can get during the “Funk Your Face” show, there are times when I have heard TanhT change the tempo into a sheer mellow purr of a pace.  Often times while she is exploring new school artists and revisiting with old school legends, her musical palette and ear for raw original music, allows the show to segue into a timeless shrine of golden soulful sounds.

Her extension through the funk timeline, digs deep through generations of groove infused sound, returning you to the roots and true soul of all the music she spins, which are vast and without boundaries. The date or origin no longer seem to matter if it’s the true funk right? It becomes a flawless expression at some points. If it makes you feel good then there’s nothing to worry about; that place when you discover that your feelin’ the funk so much,  that you totally unwind into an easy going state of mind! That’s the Chill side of Funk and there is nothing cooler.

Dam-Funk – Hood Pass Intact

Being a stand out  Dj is an Art , just like everything in its highest expression,  so this is a show that every true music lover should tune in to.  TanhT will take you to funky new heights, leaving you with no worries, cuz once  her vinyl vibes nestle down deep into your ear drums you will hear only your souls hum. This is a place you may not realize you’re missing, until you begin to hear that soulful hissing, and once you get down up in here, you will miss it when you’re not there. So remember to live in the moment, because like TanhT says it, “Funk is Life.”

Fela Kuti – Who No Know Go Know

Tune in to Funk Your Face on 88.9fm kuci.org and listen up every Tuesday from 1pm-3pm. Flag her on RadioFlag @FUNKYOURFACE. Catch all of her archived playlists over at her tumblr blog or find her on Facebook

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