Rebirth of a Radio Star

Anyone who thinks Radio is passé is simply mistaken. In fact, “Real Radio” has only been hibernating, enveloped in a “Reconditioning of the Classic” cocoon so to speak. Well that is, until now.

Radio being the original form of electronic social media, has temporarily been shuffled off into the recesses of “what was” and treated like a tired old remnant of the bygone past, overlooked amongst the glitz and dazzle of so many shiny newbies – in the dawning of this new social media age. Naturally the things that glitter most always steal our attention.

"Revenge of the Radio Star"

Real or Traditional Radio has been  taking a back seat for some time now, watching from the sidelines, absorbing all the latest perspectives of the new and  fresh faced social media starlets, while anticipating the perfect moment to re-emerge into the limelight..

RadioFlag is doing its part to set  the stage for this day to arrive. It’s time to recognize that the “Newest Star” on the social media scene is also the “First Star” to grace the electronic social media stage. Sometimes the hardest things to see are the most familiar. We tend to look to the brand spanking newest of things instead of reconditioning the tried and true.

Robert Smith's "Cure FM" Pirate Radio Broadcast

RadioFlag knows that a classic never goes out of style, it just can sometimes lose its luster, and all that is needed is some refurbishing, to regain its shine. RadioFlag’s charge is to give the classic Royalty of Retro, traditional radio, a fresh electronic spin, and crown it once again the King of Social Media. So RadioFlag, its DJs and listeners are happy to announce retro is back, vintage is viable, and real radio is alive. Radio is yet to see its finest power hour. The epic band ‘ Queen ‘ say it prophetically in their famous song ‘ Radio Gaga ‘ . Check out the lyrics and video below:

RadioFlag is setting up to accomplish its mission to  renew, and rejuvenate traditional radio and get it ready to rock the mic with electronic vibrancy on this new wave of social media discovery. This classic social media star is being reborn; and setting forth to align the past, the future, and the present.

RadioFlag is hereby happy to introduce The Radio Star Blog, whose goal is to unite real radio lovers of all kinds across the globe, in a forum of live discovery and spontaneous social interaction.

How to Get the Attention of The Radio Star Bloggers:

The Radio Star writers are RadioFlag’s homegrown rising stars. They are unique just like you, in that they started on their own journey on this new Radio frontier, with only their interests in tote. They took a leap into uncharted social media territories, and simply tuned in to some radio waves. Along the way they have encountered unexpected surprises, as they have become socially engaged by the content they have experienced, they may not have ever discovered on their normally travelled path. Now that they have answered the call to become radio explorers, they are prepared to chronicle their discoveries by seeking out the Radio Stars that shine out of the ether. If you burn brightly, they will be attracted to you, and want to shine a spotlight on their new discovery through their writing.

1970s BBC Radio DJ

DJ’s and Talk Hosts can be featured as a Radio Star by standing out, getting their attention on RadioFlag’s flagcast.The Radio Star Blog writers randomly will tune into the flagcast, and will naturally be drawn to broadcasters, who are actively promoting their shows. They look for shows that highlight new artists, unique music styles, genre specific content, theme based shows, original content, community activism, and talk specialties that are captivating, elevating and diverse. They seek out  broadcasters who promote and highlight what their show is about,  by flagging a specialized topic, genre, theme, special guest, band interview, live performance etc. Additional ways to get their eyes focused on you is through infusing your shows with elements of community awareness and outreach, engaging listeners with a unique or humorous personality, and or being entertaining in original and unexpected ways. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

The Radio Star bloggers are magnetized to Radio personalities that engage them in their quest to discover current interests, or can captivate them to discover new ones. They look for broadcasters who have a clear passion for what they are doing, and for those they love to entertain. They appreciate  broadcasters who take requests, but prefer ones who are not dependent on them, unless it is part of the theme or entertainment factor.

Artists are the natural stars of RadioFlag. If you are a solo musician, singer or band who would like to be a featured as a Radio Star, you have the best chance of getting these bloggers’ attention and maybe even the attention of potential talent management once they write about you. So consider utilizing RadioFlag to promote yourself.

The Quintessential Radio Song, Queen's "Radio Ga Ga"

This blog will feature a myriad of live radio DJs and artists from around the nation and internationally, whose content you are craving to hear – some without even realizing it yet – until you listen for the first time. Our bloggers are more than regular music bloggers. They are actually new media entertainment scouts, whose aim is to bring you “under the radar” music entertainment to your ears, especially new artists. Allow them to guide you into this new wave of radio evolution, new media adventure, and global sound sharing, focused entirely on your personal interests and self enlightenment. This is your time to re-discover what interests you, while staying as anonymous or socially and globally connected as you choose to be. We hope you find the RadioStar Blog to be an illuminating guide, along the cutting edge of a new frontier of radio driven entertainment discovery and selective listening. So register at and Flag On!

Save the Radio Star

By Air Ambrosia
Tune in to me on RadioFlag: @AirAmbrosia

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4 Responses to Rebirth of a Radio Star

  1. Seelchen Feibush. says:

    Loved your blog,Airambrosia! How refreshing , in this world of continual evolving technology,what a refreshing spin on a renewed appreciation of the world of radio! However, Radio has and will always be one of the formost instruments for music and news in my life. ROCK ON RADIOFLAG,and Airambrosia!

  2. saul morgan says:

    am in africa kenya and i love radio flag.

  3. Mynor Garcia says:

    Great post! So many people are lost in the mainstream, they don’t take a look back and realize that there is so much original material just waiting to be discovered.

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