RadioFlag’s RadioStars Awards ‘Best Music Artist’ Winner; Representing the West Coast, Meet ‘Hyena Motorcade’

Coming to the grande finale decision when selecting the first ever group of ‘Best Music Artist’ winners was a collaborative decision made by the in- house panel of extreme music lovers that dwell within RadioFlag — comprised of radio and music industry  professionals, former college radio DJs, local  music artists and Radioflag interns.
The Best Music Artist selections were based on a combination of the following criteria :

60%  -     Music originality / presentation / quality / amount of material / talent / live                       performance 
40%  -     Audience size / fan base / social interaction / ability to generate new                           listeners & fans /  live events / touring

The RadioFlag team was thrilled with how fantastically and organically the three winners lined up to represent the sounds of the East Coast, Midwest and West Coast of the United States.

Starting with the West Coast winner who hails from Orange County, California, RadioFlag presents Hyena Motorcade, nominated by radio station KUCI, with the recommendation coming from DJ Machine Valerie, host of The Hearts Beat Machine.

The manly foursome that make up Hyena Motorcade was formed in Orange County, CA in 2009 starting out with its founders Rick Kaley (vocals, keyboards, sax) and Mark Allen (guitars). Bassist Art Agunod joined early on and Albert Campos on the drums is the most recent 2013 addition to the group.The music enthusiasts at RadioFlag got their ears geared up, anticipating it would be a racy ride with this pack of savage rhythm rousers.

Listening to Hyena Motorcade, they noted the bands ability to wax and wane in and out of the heavier-driven dark edgy underground and vampish appeal straight into the softer lap and sultry slaps of a windy (win-dy) and windy (wine-dy) saxophonic bluesy-ness. This makes it wonderfully challenging to tie them down to a single set genre or style, as their natural vicious creativity and impulse to express, leads them to seemingly defy the “normal” semblance and constricted flow of strict classifications. As start uppers themselves, the RadioFlaggers can absolutely ride side by side in the wave of that vibe, as members of this tech venture most definitely march to the beat of their own drums.

RadioFlag’s music fanatics thought that Hyena Motorcade’s soundcloud best represented where their sound stands currently, and how it transitions from past to present. The voting teams musically meatiest and sonically sumptuous favorites included the following: the deeply innocent, emotively romantic new wave eighties feel of 10,000 sparrows, the early punk soft velvety underground vibes of Heartbreaks,  the ‘fire meets ice’ sax-driven bluesy mysterious coolness of Snowflakes, and the edgy vampy voluptuousness and tragic deliciousness of Shadows. Although Hyena Motorcade hails from OC, their sound is original, as it does not depict the typical representation for the area. For those that crave to categorize, they can be most fairly described as post alternative, post punk indie rock with influences stemming from 70′s glam, late 70′s, early 80′s punk, 80′s new wave, post punk, and the oldie but goodie Burl Ives. ;)

Hyena Motorcade’s recent musical milestones include a release of a self titled 4 song EP. This band of musical blood brothers has opened and played with legendary bands of the 80′s like, The Fixx, Bow Wow Wow, Modern English, to name but a few, and just this month for Missing Persons. If your an OC local, don’t miss them at the Slidebar in Fullerton on February 12th, 2014, opening for Kid Congo Powers (Gun Club, Cramps, Nick Cave, The Fall). The groups plan for 2014 include compiling a debut full length album by summer, so fans keep your Hyena Motorcade loving tanks ready for a rock and roll refill.

In the final auditory analysis, criteria wise, Hyena Motorcade’s best recorded live performances felt and sounded red blooded, vigorous, sexy and stirring, so big ups there. On the social media front, the team noticed that the band shows forth full gamut, on the wild and wide ranging social media frontier, in which case RadioFlaggers realized there lay new possibilities and mucho potential, for the band to have more captivating encounters and real time interactions with fans using their network. From personal observation, I believe in the potent opportunity for real social engagement that exists on RadioFlag’s niche social media frontier, wherein lies the opportunity for Hyena Motorcade to expand their fan base globally, and interact in real time every time they are On-Air Live, actively promoting content, events, or future on air sessions. Yes, so niche, so live, so real, so racy radio!

Learn more about their story by checking out their full bio and see whose talking about them in RadioFlag’s network so far. Keep up with this troupe of sonic prowlers and “tune in” to them on RadioFlag so you get notified, and don’t miss a ride in this Motorcade next time they roll on up to occupy the air waves.

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