October 2015 ‘Top 55′ Song Chart: RadioFlag DJ’s Gave These Artists the Most Spins

RadioFlag’s  ‘Top 55 Song Chart’ is made possible by independent, live radio DJs from college and internet radio stations from around the globe. Every month the Song chart showcases mostly ‘just released’ (and many ‘not yet released’) music, comprised mainly of new emerging bands and artists from around the world. The Song chart is based on the number of spins Radio DJs give a track. Data is collected from the songs these radio DJs post on their RadioFlag profile via its playlist feature. This is then analyzed each week. October’s line up is filled with a colorful of assortment sounds and genres described as follows:  french pop, power metal, experimental, ambient rock,  progressive modern rock,  darkwave, neo soul, trad jazz , indie funk, future soul,  dream pop, future pop, screamo, ska, psychedelic rock, and neotropicalia. 

The Radio DJs on RadioFlag who are the first to us its playlist feature, are setting new documented music trends, and they authentically have their finger on the pulse of emerging music and culture both locally and globally; so they often discover and give airplay to new music acts before anyone else. So, if you’re a music artist or band, maybe think about connecting with radio DJ’s via RadioFlag. Check out their profile, tune in to a live show, and if you think they’ll like your style, send them a message or link to your music. If they like your sound and vice versa, they may just give you some spins. If they are posting the music they play, you will see their ‘Playlist’ button on their profile page. Click it and see if the tracks they play sync up with your style.  Music can even be purchased directly from the DJs playlist via RadioFlag’s app.

 N  ’new music’ released withinn 2015, or soon to be released)

Top 55  SongChart for October 2015:

1. N    Christine And The Queens – ‘No Harm Is Done’ (french pop, indie pop, electronic, alternation) – Londres/ Paris  BUY

2. N Halestorm – ‘I Am The Fire’  (rock, hard rock, metal) – Red Lion, Pennsylvania  BUY

3. N Chvrches – ‘Leave A Trace’ (electronic)- Glasgow, Scotland   BUY

4. N  Akua Naru – ‘Canary Dreams Ft. Cody Chesutt‘ (hip hop, jazz fusion, neo soul) – Cologne, Germany BUY

5. Glass Ocean – ‘Light Of The Moon‘ ( modern progressive rock /ambient rock/ atmospheric rock / experimental rock) – Sydney, Australia  BUY

BONUS Video (N)

6. N   Awolnation, ‘Windows’ (alternative dance, electronic rock, indie rock)- Los Angeles  BUY

7 . N   Hiatus Kaiyote – ‘Shaolin Monk Motherfunk‘ (“future soul”, progressive neo-soul) – Melbourne  BUY 

8. N   Dekades ‘ Drones are Coming’ (“loud creepy rock”, alternative rock)- Los Angeles  BUY

9. N   Nothing but Thieves ‘ Itch ‘- (alternative rock)  Southend On Sea, Essex, England BUY 

10 . N Magic City Hippies – ‘Brnt Ft. Emefe Horns’ (indie funk)- Miami  BUY

BONUS video “Bullride” (N)

11. The Beta Machine – ‘The End‘ (alternative rock) Los Angeles, USA  BUY 

12. N  Pokey Lafarge – ‘Bad Girl‘ (“country blues & early jazz for the 21st century”, trad jazz, americana) -St. Louis, Missouri, USA  BUY

13. N Royal Tongues – ‘Chasing Down a Feeling’ ( indie pop)- Buffalo, NY/ L.A.)  BUY



14. A-F-R-O- (All Flows Reach Out) – ‘Implosion’ ( old school emcee’ing ) – Bellflower, California, USA

15. N  Jono Mccleery – ‘This Idea Of Us‘ (singer/ songwriter) U.K.  BUY

16. N   Ballerina Black – ‘Isoceles’  (alternative “mope” rock) – Los Angeles  BUY

17. N I The Mighty – ‘Slow Dancing Forever’ (progressive, indie, alternative ) – San Francisco. USA  BUY 

18. N  Mxms- ‘Anna’- (funeral pop, dead western )- Detroit , LA, NYC     BUY

19. The Thirteenth Floor Elevator’s – ‘Roller Coaster’ (psychedelic rock) -San Francisco BUY 

20. Bridge To Grace – ‘Everything‘ – (rock, hard rock)- Atlanta, Georgia  BUY

Official music video

Acoustic version

21. N  Phantogram – ‘K.Y.S.A.‘  ( electronica, indie pop, trip hop, dream pop, shoegaze)  -Saratoga Springs, NY   BUY

22. N  Maudlin Strangers – ‘Stay Young‘ (dark indie rock)-  Agoura Hills, California   BUY

23. N  Echolust ‘Electric’ (darkwave, post punk, synth, shoegaze, future pop ) – Long Beach, California  BUY

24. Death From Above 1979 – ‘Trainwreck 1979′   (rock) –  Toronto, ON, Canada  BUY 

25.Late Nite Cable – ‘All Nite Girl’ (synth pop)- Fairfield, CT and Brooklyn, NY    BUY

26. N Nao – ‘Zillionaire’ (electronic, r&b, soul) -London  BUY

27. N  Bravestation – ‘Operator’ (apocalypse pop) – Toronto, Canada   BUY

28. N  Jr. Jr. – ‘In The Middle’(electronic /pop) – Detroit, Michigan, USA  BUY 

29. N Weezer – ‘Thank God For Girls’ (alternative) -Los Angeles  BUY 

30. N  Chris Cornell – ‘Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart (rock , altenative , grunge) – Seattle, USA  BUY

31. N  Pop Evil – ‘Footsteps‘ (rock) Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA  BUY

32. N  The Cactus Channel – ‘Kill The Doubt Ft. Chet Faker’  (funk, r&b, soul) -Melbourne, Australia    BUY


33. N  Late Night Friends – ‘We Are Ok‘ (alternative , indie) – Los Angeles  BUY


34. N  I See Stars – ‘Murder Mitten’ (E.H.M. electronic hardcore music, screamo-electronic) – Michigan, USA BUY

35. N  Three Days Grace – ‘Fallen Angel’ (rock) Ontario, Canada  BUY

36. N Hey Rosetta! & Yukon Blonde – ‘Land You Love‘ (protest song / indie /collaboration)  - St. John’s, NL / Vancouver B.C  BUY

37. N  Cee Lo Green – ‘Sign Of The Times‘ (pop, soul)- Atlanta, Georgia, USA    BUY

38. Reel Big Fish – ‘Brown Eyed Girl‘ (ska/ rock) -Orange County, California, USA  BUY


39. N  Queensrÿche ‘Hellfire’- (metal)- Washington, U.S.A.  BUY

40. N  Kobra And The Lotus – ‘Lay It On The Line’  (hard rock, metal)-  Calgary, Alberta, Canada  BUY

41. N  Stone Sour – ‘Love Gun’ (hard rock)- Des Moines, Iowa  U.S.A    BUY

42. Little Dragon – ‘Sunshine’ ( electronic soul synth pop) - Gothenberg, Sweden  BUY

43. The Dandy Warhols – ‘We Used To Be Friends’(rock) -Portland U.S.A. BUY

44. N  Tkay Maidza – ‘Uh-Huh’ (rap / electronic / alternative) – Adelaide, Australia  BUY

45. All Them Witches – ‘Funeral For A Great Drunken Bird’ ( psychedelic blues & southern soul, mystic rock, desert rock, underground rock ) -Nashville,  U.S.A. BUY

BONUS Track (N)

46. Sky Ferreira – ‘I Blame Myself’ (alternative, “french pop, dutch pop, chinese pop”) NYC, USA  BUY

47. Raury – ‘Friends Ft. Tom Morello‘ ( alternative rap/hip hop, r&b , soul)- Stonemountain, Georgia  BUY

48. Sinead Harnett – ‘No Other Way‘(feat. snakehips)  (alternative)-  London  BUY


49. N Icarus – ‘Don’T Cry Wolf’ ( electronic ) – Bristol, UK  BUY

50.  The Dead Projectionists – ‘Tramps’  (alternative rock, progressive) -Toronto, Canada  BUY

51. Otherwise – ‘Rebel Yell  - (hard alternative rock) -Las Vegas  BUY

52. N  Trey Frey ‘Drift’ (electronic) -Philadelphia, USA BUY

53. N  Telekinesis – ‘In A Future World’ (rock n roll) -Seattle,USA BUY

54. Adron – ‘Infinite And Tenderlovin‘ (neotropical pop/soul/folk) -Chicago, . USA    BUY

55. Parappa The Rapper – ‘All Masters Rap’ (Deejay Verstyle Remix) -

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