Nirvanic Trance with DJ Osburn: A Trip Into Oblivion

By the time Sunday night comes rolling around, most college coeds are feeling far from ready to let go of their weekend pace of fun and games/ Who can blame them?  It’s hard to stop reliving all those fantastic moments in your head, wishing you could bend back the time and make the weekend last forever. Perhaps an escape into oblivion is just the perfect relief needed to help you get rejuved for that serious school and work week coming at’cha, once again. Why not get ready to wrap your week up tight, with one more ridiculously good romp in the radio waves; one that is sure to top off your entire week with an incredible musical climax?


 Sounds pretty dope, right?  Taking one more deep dive into some sick and surreal tracks is all that’s needed to defrag, get pumped, unwind your mind, and help you get ready to dream like a little tranced-out baby.

The secret antidote for your Sundays is DJ James Osburn’s “Nirvanic Trance”. Osburn is a spindoctor who will give you that last dose of dance and trance grooves, before another week of reality ensues. His show is a constantly fresh and flowing, with weekly Guest DJs who help keep things constantly in motion with their surprise mixes. Osburn is a KUCI DJ that spins amazing electronica, progressive house, psychedelic trance, breaks, techno, dance, and everything in between on Sunday nights, starting at midnight. He is one of the core members of Spin Mob, a professional group of electronic DJs who travel around the U.S. doing shows.

Mix Master - DJ James Osburn

Spin Mobsters Dj James Osburn & Dj Will Yarosh

Apart from his busy DJ lifestyle, he has been a dedicated master of the turntable at KUCI since the show first launched in 2009. Nirvanic Trance is a Spin Mob radio show that also airs on Baltimore Maryland’s WJHU on Thursday Nights, for those that crave an extra Rx of trance-dance before their weekend frolics. Osburn is eclectic, captivating, and has a way of connecting with his listeners, through his music, with the precision of a laser beam. Through RadioFlag, from  his username @Osburn, listeners on RadioFlag can chat with him live and request favorite tracks, like ones from Kaskade’s “Eyes”, to Steve Angello’s “KNAS”.

Osburn’s hypnotic show will float you through a relaxing sea of house and trance mesmerisms,  while introducing you to new phenomenal guests DJs that will drown you in electrifying sounds, every single week. From truly unique house techo mixes by DJ Darragh Burke of Dublin Ireland, to serious dubstyle darkstep mixes by DJ Luigi Canali, you are guaranteed to hear some of the newest, most innovative and trailblazing tracks live, on-air, and first-hand, before anyone else.

Not only will you have access to  the inside scoop on some brand new music, but you’re also getting a front row seat to an amazing show showcasing  incredibly talented DJs. Since becoming a regular listener, I have heard DJ Fatboy Slim, Le Castle Vania, and DJ Cutman. These numerous past show episodes, along with a perpetual influx of new talented guest DJs, have given Nivanic Trance true meaning to its name, making it count and deserving of recognition for being really bold and mesmerizing.
It is definitely one of the most progressive shows, featuring some of the most cutting-edge, inspired, hardworking and passion-driven DJs I have witnessed with my own two ears to date. For those who are driving about Sunday atfer midnight, don’t forget to hook your smartphone up to your car auxillary, so you can blast the beats while Osburn’s sounds encapsulate you. One of the best ways to tune in, drop out, and indulge some guilty pleasures, while you sink into the nirvana inducing trance-missions.

Listen to guest DJ Darraugh Burke’s house mix here:

Check out DJ Luigi Canali’s of Dojo Promo here :

There is no better way to chill out and lullify your weekend case of insomia, then by tuning into DJOsburn on Sunday nights. He will bring your weekend to the feverish high point you’ve being craving, while chilling you out to the Max in that oh-so-Osburn wizardy way. He is seasoned at what he does, and has a passion that makes it hard for others to compete. He handles every facet of his DJ craft with a professionally seamless technique. He is even a master at keeping the flagcast lit up; he engages listeners by flagging what he is playing in real time, giving newbies to this genre a real interactive electronic music education that can’t be found anywhere else.

Although DJ Osburn’s show is full of sound-beaming surpises, after listening to his show, it should not come as a big shock if you should ever come across his name up in lights one day… not surprising at all. If there are still doubters out there, put on some headphones, and get tuned in for yourself to see what everyone’s been raving about (pun-intended). From there, just allow the

Unite In The Oblivion

surpassing  trance-missions to take you from climax to max chill, and anywhere in between. When it comes to ending your weekend on an up, look no further–this show is going to be the cherry on top of your Sunday from now  and onward…into the Osburn Oblivion.

Check out DJ Osburn, Spin Mob, and Nirvanic Trance all on their personal website.



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