March 2017 ‘Top 55′ Song Chart: RadioFlag DJ’s Gave These Artists the Most Spins

RadioFlag’s  ‘Top 55 Song Chart’ is made possible by independent, live radio DJs from college and internet radio stations from around the globe, who use our network to promote their content. Every month our ‘Top 55′ showcases mostly ‘just released’ (and many ‘not yet released’) music, comprised mainly of new emerging bands and artists from around the world. Our ’55′ Chart is based on the number of spins Radio DJs give a particular track, and post on the ‘playlist feature’ on our App, which also allows listeners to click/buy directly. The playlist feature keeps track of ‘the most spun tracks in our network’ and these metrics are collected each month.

Independent radio DJs are setting music trends and have their ears tuned in to new artists, and often have their fingers on the pulse of emerging culture locally and globally. This translates into giving airplay to new music acts before anyone else. Music artists have connected online with radio DJ’s on RadioFlag and got spins that way too.

Top 55  SongChart for March  2017:
 Nmusic released within a year, or soon to be released

            1. Max Restaino – ‘No’
            2. N The Technicolors – ‘Lilies For Lily’
            3. N Say Yes – ‘Too Much Not Enough’
            4. N The Vistas – ‘Dont Feed The Stray Clowns’
            5. The Amazing – ‘Had to Keep Walking’
            6. N Sorority Noise – ‘Where Are You?’
            7. N Dead Heavens – ‘Away From The Speed’
            8. N Arlanna Snow – ‘Solitaire’
            9. N Variants – ‘Lamppost’
            10. N Vassie – ‘Victorious ‘
            11. N Sugar Candy Mountain – ’666′
            12. The Draymin – ‘Mirrors’
            13. N Knox Hamilton – ‘Back Porch’
            14. N Mae – ‘The House That Fire Built’
            15. Ac Newman – ‘You Could Get Lost Out Here’
            16. Dinosaur Bones – ‘Spins In Circles’
            17. N The Vistas – ‘Rainy Days ‘
            18. Pink Mountaintops – ‘Execution’
            19. N Rollingexile – ‘Good Morning London’
            20. Dr. Dog – ‘The Pretender ‘
            21. N The Vistas – ‘Gooey’
            22. The Corsets – ‘Can I Get A Piece Of You’
            23. N Daphne Loves Derby – ‘Horrible Sound’
            24. N The Naked And Famous – ‘The Runners’
            25. N From Indian Lakes – ‘Come Back’
            26. Split Seconds – ‘Halfway There’
            27. Blood And Glass – ‘Paper Heart’
            28. N Why? – ‘Proactive Evolution’
            29. Dead By Sunrise – ‘Into You’
            30. The Fuzz Kings – ‘Crawling Outta Bed’
            31. Rebekah Higgs – ‘Wedding One’
            32. N The Vistas – ‘Obscene ‘
            33. N Mantra – ‘Destroy You’
            34. The Books – ‘The Story Of Hip Hop’
            35. N Del Water Gap – ‘Deidre, Pt. I’
            36. N City Of The Sun – ‘Sugar’
            37. Abreaction – ‘Talk Less Listen’
            38. Captain Beefheart -’Golden Birdies ‘
            39. Illum Sphere – ‘Ghosts Of Then And Now’
            40. N Christian D And Helena Berlin – ‘Jericho River’
            41. R.Roo – ‘Au Fall’
            42. The Dollyrots – ‘Be My Leia’
            43. N Kill The Precedent – ‘Lesser Of Two Evils’ (Single)
            44. Nightwish – ‘Edema Ruh’
            45. Brahminy Kite – ‘Caribou’
            46. Minutemen – ‘The Anchor’
            47. N Heart of Gold UK – ‘Ghost’
            48. N Strange Talk – ‘So In Love’
            49. Talvekoidik – ‘The Tree Knows A Secret’
            50. Collette Savard – ‘Blue Church Road’
            51. N Ex-Deo – ‘Crossing Of The Alps’
            52. N Luper Dupree – ‘Ice Chip Candy’
            53. N Kneebody – ‘Anti-Hero’
            54. Zinovia – ‘Emerge To Breathe’
            55. Recondite – ‘Leafs’

in collaboration with SONG SYNERGY

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