Innamissions with DJ J. Pulaski: A Remedy for Your Moody Mondays

It’s undeniable that Monday is the toughest day of the week for many; recovering from a weekend of work, school, partying or whatever, feeling like you don’t want to do anything but lay low. In this mode I was lucky enough to catch up with DJ J. Pulaski, who lives by the motto:

“Music is the Weapon of the Future.”

He makes it his mission to pacify whatever is bluing up your Monday, by laying down the tracks that give you that “inna chillin’” feelin’. His avatar really grabbed me; a bending tree, with an overflow of vinyl records for leaves.

"Music is the Weapon of the Future" Tree

“Yep,” I thought, “this DJ is signaling me in with that pic, ’cause I’m feeling that way too”. Heavy-laden and wanting to totally unwind with nothing but music fillin my mind, “Innamissions” is the name of this show, and appropriately so. Innamissions’ host, J. Pulaski, spins a mixed range of music that revolves around a variety of beats, dub, soul, funk, reggae, house, jazz, afro, psych and hiphop.

I have decided to make Innamissions my official “Moody Monday’s” remedy. As I tuned in for the first time, I was submerged into a playlist consisting of emanations of soft dub bass beats, that sifted through my speakers and  enhanced my relaxation until I was completely “blissed out”.  Sounds incredible, right?  Well that was my experience, anyway, and I invite you to get an experience of your own. Innamissions’ song selections range from new producers–such as Co La to more credited producers like Zomby–flowed together seamlessly; an assortment of soft dub that was the perfect sonic tonic for a chill Monday night. The music consisted of a constant deep bass accompanied by soft vocals, and touches of synth and other instruments.

DJ J. Pulaski gives you the sense that he is an expert in his field; one who only delivers the best artists in the business straight to your privileged ears.  He makes sure to credit each artist or producer, by introducing each set without breaking up the flow too much, in order to keep the mood of the beats mellow and ongoing. In addition to his seldom announcements, DJ J. Pulaski provides a play list, updated in real time, that features the artists he’s playing. This play list is available at his website.

Dj J. Pulaski of "Innamissions" in the KUCI studio

Although the innamissions tree is always mixing and shifting its flow like the seasons, it’s sure to give you a reason to come back for more. So I did just that, and tuned in again on a sentimental Monday that started off with a funky jewel from the recently departed blues diva, Etta James. DJ J. Pulaski continued on through the night with a playlist consisting of afrobeat, dub, house, and drum and bass to wake up your face for some spankin’ new music. The Innamissions tree was loaded with tracks that made everything that seemed wrong with my day turn a new leaf to feel A-okay. A combination of new music from El Rego, Peaking Lights, Albert Swarm, James Blake, Ghost Mutt, Daedelus, Machinedrum, and two from Plug’s aka Luke Viberts’ new album, made my Monday.

Yarah bravo, Dj J. Pulaski , & dj vadim...BTW Bravo to the amazing Afro Yarah ! <3

So Next time ya’ll are feeling stuck in a Murky Monday, tune in for a couple hours, and you’ll feel a huge weight lifted off your shoulders as you unwind to some soft dub or chill mixed beats spun by DJ J. Pulaski. Be sure to enhance your experience and catch his Innamissions show on RadioFlag, where you can take him on the go with its smart phone apps, make requests, and even exchange a few words with him! Tune into KUCI 88.9  on RadioFlag,  Mondays from 8-10PM PST  for an unforgettably chillaxing experience.

bliss out Mondays

Check out Dj Pulaski’s profile on RadioFlag by searching @innamissions

Check DJ Innamissions play lists at his website:

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