Dirty Glitter with DJ Brody Ramone, Sugar Rock with a Twist of Underground

Would you like to be kissed by a pair of Swarovski crystal jeweled lips?  Well if you have been a regular RadioFlagger, chances are you’ve already been sugar smacked by these glitzy glammed-out lips, and have likely come to look forward to it happening again. Sugar smacked by some dazzling music and news bytes, that is.

This bedazzled “bouche” belongs to the one and only DJ Brody Ramone, host of “Dirty Glitter,” who first came to my attention while she was posting two news bytes about the Foo Fighters very own, David Grohl. The first one highlighted Dave’s “outer space” intentions, and the second flag revealed his response to the backlash re: his Grammy speech; an extremely timely news flash.

~“Dave Grohl wants to record the Next Foo Fighters album in outer space”  http://bit.ly/yPMS1w ~

~”Nothing to see here but Dave Grohl’s response to the backlash on his Grammy speech”  http://on.fb.me/Ah2oLh ~

People seem to get initially piqued by DJ Brody’s shimmery avatar, and then later become “stuck like glue on glitter,” as they begin to anticipate her latest music news flashes. Her radio show appropriately  called “Dirty Glitter” suits her so well, as she is a DJ who reflects all the glitz and glam, yet isn’t afraid to get a bit gritty and grimy while digging up the latest underground music scene news. She Flags her music news, which I have seen coined as, “Glitter News,” at random times even when she is off air. This keeps her presence always glowing in the eyes of those on the Flagcast, which gets her a lot more attention from those in the RadioFlag community, who seem to really relish reading her latest music buzz. I have noticed listeners, me being one of them, who ended up tuning into to her radio show after being lured by her music news flags first. Her inquisitive nature really shines, as she finds ways to involve RadioFlag users by sparking up conversation and asking engaging questions in the flags she posts, as depicted below.

~”What are some bands that you follow on other social media sites that you’d like to hear on #DirtyGlitter?” @reply me and lets hear ‘em! “~

~”If you dig my #musicnews flags be sure to tunein to me!  I will follow back!”~

She also shows a lot of appreciation for her listeners, being highly responsive, cool, and courteous to new and loyal listeners alike. During a recent fundraiser for WBGU, DJ Brody excitedly shared some donation news with a fellow Flagcasting DJ.

~ We just got a $100 donation during #DirtyGlitter as part of our #88straight broadcast-athon! We have the best listeners!”~

~”Spinning the sugar rock and glitter! Tune and get dirty!”~

  ~”I love songs that feel like they could fall apart at any given moment to only come back and rock your socks off”~ 

“Dirty Glitter” is the free form, focused , no-nonsense, music-centric college radio show you have been searching for. DJ Brody Ramone offers an eclectic experience for your ears, with a lot of opportunites for her listening audience to be as interactive as they feel to be. The show radiates from frequency WGBU 88.1 FM, from 10 p.m. to midnight  every Thursday  EST, from the campus of Bowling Green State University, Ohio.

“Dirty Glitter” is boundary spanning to say the least, dropping the best in rock ’n’ roll, power-inducing punk rock, energetic electro, and enticing indie music. The show is as multi-faceted as the chick behind the mic, Brody Ramone. Her titillating avatar and captivating flags are downright “irre-kiss-ible” and impossible to overlook. She locks on her listeners throughout the week, by keeping them on the lookout out for those shiny lips, which are constantly laced with the freshest breaking music reports found on the Flagcast.


She keeps her listener base in close sight, and entices others to “pucker up” and “listen up.” Her vast eclectic array of vintage indie and other auditory surprises will liven up your ear drums out of their dead-air doldrums, shine them up, and make them grateful.


~”In an hour and a half I will be spinning the best in new and vintage indie, punk, and electro. Start a revolution against sh*tty music!”~

If you’re the type of listener who enjoys the human interaction only Live radio offers, yet prefer the vocal interludes in between tracks do not interrupt the flow of the show, then you’ve stumbled upon the right RadioStar.

Brody Ramone will play everything you want to hear and everything you’ve never heard–new and vintage, classic and cutting-edge. She will pause the music briefly in between sets to crisply and eloquently educate you about the music on her well-put-together and planned out playlist. Throwing down tracks like Eagles of Death Metal, The Donnas, The Vines, Gotye, White Rabbits, and Imagine Dragons. She throws in great remixes too,  like the Baby Monster remix of Your Body Is A Machine by The Good Natured. Dirty Glitter is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re going to get, but it’s going to be full of some delicious “sugar rock and glitter” either way.

 The only way to get a proper feel for the grimy yet glamorous roar that is “Dirty Glitter,” is by hearing her for yourself. Chances are you will see a glimpse of the glitter dashing around the Flagcast at various times of the day and week. When you do, check out her dirty and dazzling news bytes, tune her in as a favorite, and absolutely “Tune in-Turn On-and-Turn it Up” to @BrodyRamone every Thursday 10 p.m. to midnight EST on WBGU.

DJ Brody Ramone is nominated for “Best Music Show” in RadioFlag’s Inaugural RadioStar Awards. The RadioStar Awards are a Tribute to College Radio, and was created to help College stations unite, while celebrating their diversity. Stations have the opportunity to showcase 5  Dj’s in 5 different categories, twice per year; another words 10 DJ’s per year.The deadline to nominate is April 2nd. So, if you like what you hear on “Dirty Glitter,” show support and “tune in” @brodyramone and add her as a favorite DJ in your RadioFlag profile.

By: Air Ambrosia and Stella Static
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AirAmbrosia@gmail.com or StellaStatic@gmail.com
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