Got Airplay? OC Indie Band “Get Back Shadow” Gets Some with Humboldt University’s DJ Nikkay Slikk

The age of the ” New Entrepreneur ” is here, and at RadioFlag

the Musician-Artist Entrepreneur is Tops!

So how did So-Cal Indie band ‘Get Back Shadow’ get radio-play on a Nor-Cal station you ask ? Simple. They plunged into D.I.Y. action and got some for themselves, in a totally fresh out of the box way via RadioFlag. Just like most success-driven up-and-coming bands, they desired airplay, but unlike most, they decided to try something new and niche, and it paid off.

Clyde Smith, senior contributor for a music industry technology news site called Hypebot, puts it like this, in a 2013 interview with Digital Music Trends:

“ I have opted out of facebook completely and it feels good ….my advice; look for a new niche network”

” …you may find some ” weird ” little niche network that gives you a much bigger return on time because there’s not a lot of noise getting in the way”

“ Buzz words for 2013 are “real engagement ” ….engagement is NOT posting a funny pic on facebook… real engagement is getting feedback from a target audience.”


Real traditional radio remains the #1 way of discovering new music (outside a few “bubble” worlds out there) in this world at large. Terrestrial radio alone (not counting internet / digital radio) has over 250 million active users in the US alone.

Furthermore, publisher and founder of Digital Music News, Paul Reskinoff, released an article in March, highlighting the latest EMI research findings, which were announced at SXSW this year.

” Research shows that despite hundreds of digital discovery options and hundreds of millions invested in ‘disruptive’ startups, music discovery is mostly happening on traditional radio, traditional TV, and through word-of-mouth ” .

…Smell the coffee?

Secondly, for a lot of new music artists and bands trying to create a fan base, college campuses are the target audience they are initially interested in attracting. It makes perfect sense, being that this is where new music trends come into physical reality first, and a potent place to cultivate a loyal following.  Bands like Nirvana, REM, Radiohead, Depeche Mode, The Misfits, and Kendrick Lamar can all agree with that.

Alternative rock band, Imagine Dragons, got “radioactive” in the RadioFlag community long before they became a household name.  Don’t worry, you can still listen to the super playful interview recorded back in early 2012, hosted by Radio Star Award winning DJ, (and recent International Radio Festival winner) Brody Ramone of The Dirty Glitter show. Imagine Dragons seemed to realize early on, (perhaps after winning Battle of the Bands at BYU in 2008) that getting their sound out to the college peeps, was an optimum way to get their music trending, while igniting a fired up and growing fan base.

Isaiah, bassist and vocalist for “Get Back Shadow” had a few words to share about that in the band’s interview with RadioFlag.

” I always imagined getting the College peeps to accept us and get behind us” 

” with RadioFlag I didn’t even have to leave my home to get our music to the ears we wanted it to go to”

” I’m loyal to DJ Nikkay Slikk and her KRFH crew…they pushed play when they didn’t even know who we were. They gave us a home when we didn’t have one”

Get Back Shadow’s particular Airplay story goes like this. After signing up for a free RadioFlag account, a band mate started a friendly online chat with KRFH DJ Nikkay Slikk, while she was On-Air live. They shared a soundcloud link with Dj Slikk, which she thought was pretty “sick” , so she gave their track “Do Love” some “Airplay love” right on the spot. After her show they continued the communication offline, and the rest is history.

The interactions between the DJ, Artist, and Listeners went down through a series of engaging  ”Flags” displayed below. It tells the story about how one bands entrepreneurial drive, motivated them to go into the “oh so scary” unknown radio ether, and as a result, they got Airplay. Actually, not that scary, just new, and something every self directed artist can do quite easily.


The RadioFlag Perspective: Tuning into your own “new entrepreneur frequency” in the skin of a music artist, drives out a desire to go D.I.Y., stimulating the action to get heard on a Global Stage! Why not? The future is now! So, step forward, and create an Airplay story of your own, in the nurturing music loving community that exists on RadioFlag. Rock the experience!







Look for your in, like this perfect invitation from a DJ asking for requests. See other Dj’s on RadioFlag who have mentioned taking requests.



Connect with a DJ who is On-Air-Live, whose personality gels with you, digs the type of music you like,and/ or plays your style or genre.


Get real, then expect success!!!

How does instant Airplay and real time fan feedback sound? Do your other social sites honestly give you that?

Get airplay! Get fans! 

Fear?  pshhh…it’s just having a simple friendly fun human conversation, that can lead to a bonding moment, created in the spontaneity of real time live radio!

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear” ~ Ambrose Redmoon

Jam On-Air-Live!  

Hook it up with a live radio jam and interview. 

Invite your fans to support you On-Air Live, and connect with new fans on RadioFlag! 

Get your loyal and new fans connected on RadioFlag. Reach out to new fans in the RF community, –ones that have added you as a “tuned in”  favorite. They will get notified via the App when you mention them. 

RadioFlag keeps it fresh, live, local and on a global stage!!

RadioFlag supports new talented artists & the DJ talent scouts that bridge those connections. Together they deliver the tastiest and freshest sounds to listeners all over the world!  

On-Air-Live with KRFH !


DJ’s, listeners and new fans “flagging” some instant feedback. 

DJ’s promote their show and special live music guests! 

Fans of the show tune-in and comment back.

Radio DJ’s promote and get behind new talent they dig!


New fans also start to emerge and get behind the bands sound! 

Signing off! 


Keep the connection. Show some affection. 


Open invitation for a second on-air sesh…sweet!


Want Airplay? Contact for more information

@AirAmbrosia on RadioFlag

@AirAmbrosia on Twitter



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