August 2016 ‘Top 55′ Song Chart: RadioFlag DJ’s Gave These Artists the Most Spins

RadioFlag’s  ‘Top 55 Song Chart’ is made possible by independent, live radio DJs from college and internet radio stations from around the globe. Every month the Song Chart showcases mostly ‘just released’ (and many ‘not yet released’) music, comprised mainly of new emerging bands and artists from around the world. The Song Chart is based on the number of spins Radio DJs give a track. Data is collected from the songs these radio DJs post on their RadioFlag profile via its playlist feature. This is then analyzed each week. Our August line up is filled with a colorful of assortment sounds and genres described as follows: space rock, indie pop, hard rock, metal, indie blues, alternative pop rock, progressive  post hardcore, new wave,  future pop, synthpop, EDM, atmospheric, electronic, art rock, forest pop,  alternative,  ambient folk  pop, progressive metal, bossa nova dream pop, power metal, instrumental post media core, jazz, instrumental, blues, world, and rock n roll.  The Radio DJs on RadioFlag who are the first to us its playlist feature, are setting new documented music trends, and they authentically have their finger on the pulse of emerging music and culture both locally and globally; so they often discover and give airplay to new music acts before anyone else. So, if you’re a music artist or band, maybe think about connecting with radio DJ’s via RadioFlag. Check out their profile, tune in to a live show, and if you think they’ll like your style, send them a message or link to your music. If they like your sound and vice versa, they may just give you some spins. If they are posting the music they play, you will see their ‘Playlist’ button on their profile page. Click it and see if the tracks they play sync up with your style. Music can even be purchased directly from the DJs playlist via RadioFlag’s app.

 NEW: music released within 2015/2016, ….or soon to be released

Top 55  SongChart for AUGUST 2016:

  1. N Halfnoise  ’Sudden Feeling’ (alternative pop rock) buy

  2. N Daniel Lioneye ‘Aetherside’ (hard rock, metal)- Helsinki, Finland buy

  3. N Moriaty ‘Bones’ (indie blues) United Kingdom buy

  4. N Stella Diana ‘Govinda’ (shoegaze, new wave) Naples, Italy buy

  5. N Arkells ‘A Little Rain’ (alternative rock) Ontario buy

  6. N Hail the Sun ‘Body Damage’ (progressive post-hardcore) Chico CA buy

  7. N Shapes and Colors ‘Drifting’ (rock, alternative) Detroit buy

  8. N Mat Kerekes ‘The Clubs / Peoples Attention’ (indie, acoustic)  Michigan buy

  9. N Fever Charm ‘Retrograde’ (alternative, indie, rock) Oakland buy

  10. N Blaqk Audio ‘Anointed’ (futurepop, synthpop, EDM) Oakland buy

  11. N Funeral Suits ‘The Way Back’ (alternative) Dublin buy
  12. N Alice MK ‘All in Your Head’ (indie pop) Los Angeles
  13. N Veers ‘Invader’ (space rock)- Los Angeles buy
  14. N Daniel Lioneye ‘Break it or Heal it’ (hard rock, metal) Helsinki, Finland  buy
  15. N Dayshell  ’Improvise’ (rock) Southern California buy
  16. N Woven in Hiatus ‘Bedframe’ (indie acoustic) Boston buy
  17. N Hearts and Hands ‘Elastic Hearts’ (rock, metal, pop) Salt Lake City, Utah buy
  18. N Colours  ’Mind Games’ (atmospheric, electronic, art rock) Sarasota, Florida buy
  19. Northern Faces  ’Finding Hope’ (alternative) New York buy
  20. N Bilmuri ‘Timing’ (alternative rock) Ohio  buy
  21. N Jinja Safari ’So Much’ (indie, forest pop,  ambient folk  pop) Sydney buy
  22. N Doll Skin ‘Furious Fixations’ (rock) Phoenix buy
  23. N The Afterimage ‘Distance’ (alternative rock, progressive metal) Toronto buy
  24. N Red Fang ‘Flies’ (hard rock) Portland buy
  25. N Anberlin – ‘Hearing Voices’ (alternative, rock) Florida buy
  26. N Cilver ‘Headstone’  (rock) New York buy
  27. Mona ‘Shooting The Moon’ (alternative rock) Nashville buy
  28. N Essential End ‘Sacrifice’ (hard rock, metal) Windsor, Pennsylvania buy
  29. N Trails and Ways ‘Happiness’ (bossa nova dream pop) Oakland buy
  30. N Elohim – ‘Pigments’ (alternative, pop) Los Angeles buy
  31. N The Dear Hunter ‘The Revival’ (indie, rock, folk, progressive) Port Angeles, Washington buy
  32. N Brent Walsh ‘Already Gone’ (singer/ songwriter) San Mateo buy
  33. N Rage ’The Devil Strikes Again’ (heavy/speed/ power metal) Bochum, Germany buy
  34. N Anthony Green ‘A Reason to Stay’ (indie, rock, folk) Philadelphia buy
  35. N Chris Velan ‘Un-American Gothic’ (singer/songwriter, pop, folk, world) Montreal buy
  36. N Naive Thieves ‘Ring Girl’ (indie rock) California buy
  37. N Secret Space ‘Ive Come around’ ( alternative) Toledo buy
  38. N Waker ‘False Calls’ (indie rock) Nashville buy
  39. N Pigeon Park ‘Sunlight Fading’ (rock, alternative) Vancouver buy
  40. N Fatherdude ‘No Complaints’ (dance) New York buy
  41.  Nikki Yanofsky ‘Little Secrets’ (singer/songwriter, jazz) Montreal buy
  42. N Sweethead ‘Descent to the Surface’ (rock, alternative) Los Angeles buy
  43.  Little Hurricane ‘Superblues’ (blues , rock n roll) San Diego  buy
  44. N Teenage Wrist ‘Summer’ (alternative) Los Angeles  buy
  45. N Federal Lights ‘This Town’ (alternative) Winnipeg buy
  46.  Royal Canoe ‘Show Me Your Eyes’ (indie pop) Winnipeg buy
  47.  The Gromble ‘Don’t Stand a Chance’ (alternative) California buy
  48. N Waking Aida ‘Blue Shelled’ (instrumental post media core) South Hampton UK buy
  49. N Broken Beak ‘Mire’ (indie rock) Philadelphia buy
  50. N Oso Oso ‘Another night’ (indie rock) Long Beach/New York buy
  51. N Relic City ‘The Tide’ (alternative rock) Waterloo buy
  52. N Phantoms ‘Call My Name’ (electronic) Los Angeles buy
  53. N Into it. Over It. ‘Midnight’ (indie rock) Chicago buy
  54.  Brontide ‘Kith and Kin’ (instrumental) UK buy
  55.  Delta Sleep ‘Dustbusters’ (alternative) London buy

via @airambrosia in cooperation with  SONG SYNERGY

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