July 2015 ‘Top 50 Song Chart’: RadioFlag DJ’s Gave These Artists the Most Spins

RadioFlag’s July 2015 ‘Top 50 Song Chart’ is curated by independent, live radio DJs from college and internet radio stations from around the globe. Every month the song chart reveals mostly just released (and many not yet released) songs by bands and artists (many of freshest new bands and artists from around the world). The Song Chart is based on the number of spins Radio DJs give bands and artists. Data is collected from the songs these radio DJs post on their RadioFlag profile via its playlist feature. This is then analyzed each week. The radio DJs on RadioFlag who use the playlist feature, are setting new documented music trends and authentically have their finger on the pulse of emerging music and culture locally and globally, so they often discover and give airplay to new music acts before anyone else. So, if you’re a music artist or band, connect with radio DJ’s via RadioFlag, check out their profile and connect with them there. If they like your sound and vice versa, they may just give you some spins. If they are posting the music they play, you will see their ‘Playlist’ button on their profile page. Click it and see if the tracks they play sync up with your style.  Music can even be purchased directly from the DJs playlist via RadioFlag’s app.

This month’s collective soundwave is full of sumptuous summertime licks that are sure to leave you wet behind the ears.  Summer is a great time to dive deep and explore a vast ocean of new tasty tracks. July’s song set is deep and high with a flavorful stir of “above it all”- “schizoid pop”, bad ass lipstick rock ‘n’ roll, hard ridin’ good vibin’ surf rock, rhythmically religious math rock, psychedelic fairytale soul, cinematic surf disco, dance punk, art rock, art punk, folk punk, noise rock and all kinds of glorious fusion confusion, — rockabilly fusion, world groove vibration,  frazzlerock, fuzz  folk, wonky folk, neo-psychedelic pop, neo-soul and more, …and to top it off save room for some “mid-fi indie pop with a slice of electric chill”.  Whoa! #Wah?! And with “all that’”being said,….amidst “all that” genius creative force and turbulence,  there’s still plenty of “just right” alternative, indie,  folk, and electronica tracks, that feel like that perfect wave, rythmn, and temp that might just get your ears flowing right where they want to be.                                                                                

Top 50 Song Chart for July 2015:

1.  Twentyone Pilots – ‘Heavydirtysoul’ (genre : “schizoid Pop”, alternative hip hop, electro-pop ) – Columbus, Ohio , USA  BUY

2.  Metric – ‘The Shade (I Want It All)’ (Genre: indie rock, synth-pop, new wave) – Toronto / NYC/ Oakland, California. BUY

Live Acoustic version

3.  Sun Ghosts – ‘Noonshine’ (Genre: indie /garage / surf / rock n’ roll) – Miami, Florida  BUY


4.  Deap Vally – ‘Baby I Call Hell’  (Genre: “bad ass” rock and roll) – Los Angeles, California  BUY


5 .  Foals – ‘What Went Down’   (Genre: “religious” rock /alternative rock/ dance punk/ math rock / experimental rock)- Oxford, UK   BUY



6.  Zella Day – ’1965′  (genre: pop) – Pinetop Lakeside, Arizona / Los Angeles   BUY


7.  Brick + Mortar – ‘Train’   (genre: indie rock, punk, drum n bass)  Ashbury Park, New Jersey, USA.  BUY 


8.  The Vaccines – ‘Dream Lover’  (genre: rock, post punk)  West London, UK   BUY


9. Alien Drive ‘All These Bitter Days (genre: rock, alternative, brit pop, grunge, indie) – Rome, Italy / Cologne, Germany  BUY


10.  Tame Impala – ‘Let It Happen (genre: “ephiphany pop”, electronic, psychedelic rock ) – Western Perth, Australia   BUY


11.  Aurora – ‘Running With The Wolves’  (genre: electro-pop singer ) -Bergen, Norway   BUY


12.  Holly Miranda – ‘All I Want Is To Be Your Girl’    (genre: ” psychedelic fairytale soul” ) – Detroit, New York, LA   BUY 


13.  Nothing But Thieves – ‘Tempt You‘   (genre: alternative rock) –  Southend on Sea United Kingdom   BUY


14.  Ryley Walker – ‘The West Wind (genre: folk) – Chicago, Illinois,  USA   BUY


15.  Mew – ‘Witness’ (genre: indie / alternative /art rock / progressive ) - Copenhagen, Denmark   BUY


16.  Kopecky – ‘Natural Selection’  (genre: indie rock) – Nashville, Tennessee, USA  BUY


17.  The Arcs – ‘Outta My Mind’ (genre: rock)  - USA  * Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys new side project   BUY


18.  Surfer Blood – ‘I Can’T Explain’  (genre: alternative rock) – West Palm Beach, Florida, USA   BUY


19.  The Outer Vibe – ‘Glass’  (genre: ” cinematic surf disco”) – Grand Rapids, MI, USA     BUY 


20.  Chappo – ‘I Don’T Need The Sun (genre: pop rock) – Brookyln, NYC, USA  BUY 


21.   Teenage Wrist – ‘Summer’  (genre: alternative / indie rock) – Los Angeles, USA    BUY 


22  Son Lux – ‘Undone’ (genre: post rock, alternative hip hop, trip hop) – Denver Colorado/  New York USA   BUY 


23.  Django Django – ‘Vibrations’   (genre: art rock, neo-psychedelia, electronica,  indie rock) – London, England      BUY


24.  Patrick Watson – ‘Bollywood’ Love Songs for Robots  (genre: caberet rock , indie rock ) – Montreal, Canada     BUY


25. Thee Oh Sees – “Web”    ( genre: alternative, psychedelic rock, art punk, noise rock ) – San Francisco, USA    BUY


26.  King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – ‘The River Ver. 2   (genre: garage rock) – Melbourne, Australia  BUY 


27. Bliss Nova – ‘Do You Feel (genre: “mid-fi indie pop with a slice of electric chill”)- Toledo, Ohio, USA   BUY


28. Mirror Signal – ‘All Along‘  (genre: neo-soul) -Suffolk, England       BUY 


29.   J. Han – ‘Shalom Ft. John Givez’ (genre: hip hop) – Silver Spring, Maryland, USA    BUY 


30. Jonas Alaska – ‘Animal  (folk, americana, pop) – Åmli, Norway  BUY 


31.  Cayucas – ‘Moony Eyed Walrus’   (genre: indie pop) – Santa Monica, California, USA  BUY


32. Modest Mouse – ‘Lampshades On Fire’  (genre:  alternative rock) – Issaquah, Washington, USA    BUY 


33.  White Like Fire – ‘You Gave Up On Me‘   (genre:  ”rok n sol” , alternative rock, folk rock)  - “Appalachia, Pistolvania” / Pittburgh, Pennsylvania, USA   BUY


34. Guantanamo Baywatch – ‘Jungle Bride’  (genre: surf, garage rock, rockabilly fusion) – Portland, Oregon, USA     BUY


35. Wild Yaks – ‘Golden Sphere Of Light’  (genre: rock ‘n’ roll, alternative, folk punk fusion) – Brookyln, NYC   BUY 


36. Young Empires – ‘Sunshine’  (genre: alternative, indie pop,  baroque pop)  -Toronto, Canada   BUY


37.  Fool’S Gold – ‘Flying Lessons (genre: indie rock, world beat, global pop collective) – Los Angeles, USA  BUY


38.  Thundercat – ‘Them Changes’ (genre:  r & b, jazz fusion, electronic,  psychedelic, funk, indie, thrash) – Los Angeles, USA     BUY 


39 .  Panic Is Perfect – ‘Go Go Go’  (genre: alternative, indie rock) -San Francisco, USA     BUY 


40 .  Only Living Boy – ‘Fine For Now’  (genre: rock ‘n’ roll, alternative, blues) – Hackettstown, New Jersey, USA     BUY


41.  The Mercury Brothers – ‘Till I End’ (genre: alternative, experimental, progressive rock) – Red Bank, New Jersey, USA   BUY



42.  Gene Jr. & The Family – ‘Hustlin”  (genre: “world groove vibration” , world music)    -Joshua Tree, California, USA   BUY


43.  Grasshole – ‘The Great Barrier Reefer’  (genre: “rock, punk, stoner, pop, frazzlerock, fuzz )  - Melbourne, Australia  BUY


44. Gramatik Feat. Luxas – ‘Corporate Demons  (genre: electronic , electro thump) - Portoroz, Slovenia / NYC    BUY


45.  The Tallest Man On Earth – ‘Sagres’ (genre: indie folk, singer/ songwriter) –  Sweden      BUY


46.   The Helio Sequence – ‘Stoic Resemblance’  (genre: indie, alternative, electronic, pop, rock)- Portland, Oregon, USA      BUY


47 . Du Blonde ‘Hunter’   (genre:  ”folk, wonky folk, psychedelic pop) -Newcastle -Upon- Tyne, England   BUY 



48. Stokeswood – ’2075′   (genre: alternative , pop) – Atlanta, Georgia, USA   BUY


49.   Deal Casino – ‘Bare Hands’  (genre: alternative, pop-rock ) -Ashbury Park, New Jersey, USA    BUY


50.  Late Night Friends – ‘We Are Ok’   (genre: alternative, indie) – Miami/ LA , USA   BUY


via @airambrosia in cooperation with  SONG SYNERGY

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‘Top 50 Song Chart’ for JUNE 2015- These Artists Got The Most Spins by RadioFlag DJ’s

RadioFlag’s June 2015 ‘Top 50 Song Chart’ is generated by real Independent – Feeform Radio DJs, who spin music from college campus and internet radio stations. Every month this represents an array of enduring favorites and random discoveries, but mostly it represents just released (and many not yet released) new tracks by music artists (including the freshest new bands and artists locally, and from around the globe) of varied genres and styles. This month’s sonic tasting, is a future forward blend of sounds that will stir ears to start sipping with its juicy, jammy, smokey, sweetness, and earthy, leathery, spicy notes, backed up with some edgy, acidic zip and brightness, imparting an overall harmonic concentrated complexity and voluptously intoxicating earfeel. So, thirsty ears are advised to drink up June’s tunes, which include some uncommon music varietals like: Western Psychedelic, Gothic Folk, Purple Sound/ Wonky/Lazer Hip Hop/ Aquacrunk, Glitchpop, Acid Rap, Funktronica, Glam/ Caberet rock and more.  Cheers to your ears!

The Song Chart is ranked based on the number of spins they give to artists. Data is collected from the songs these radio DJs post on their RadioFlag playlist feature, and is then analyzed each week. The Radio DJs who use the playlist feature, are now officially setting new documented music trends. These Radio DJs found on RadioFlag, have their finger on the pulse of emerging music and culture in their local communities, so they discover and curate the trend setting music and artists before anyone else. When they do, they can’t wait to share their new discoveries with their listeners by giving these songs and artists radio airplay. So when you are tuned into your favorite radio DJ, check out their profile page. If they are posting their music spins, you will see their ‘Playlist’ button. Click it and see the tracks they are playing. You can even purchase the music you like directly from their playlist on the RadioFlag app.

See the Top 50 List for JUNE 2015 below:





1. They Might Be Giants – ‘Aaa’  (Genre/Style: alternative) – Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A





2. Soak – ‘Oh Brother’ (Genre/ Style: indie experimental folk) – Derry/ Londonderry, Ireland





3. The Janks – ‘I’m In It Now’  (Genre/ Style: Rock ‘N’ Roll) -Los Angeles, California, U.S.A





4. Kindness – ‘House’ (Genre/ Style : electronica, synthpop, lo-fi, downtempo) – United Kingdom





5  Kid Koala – ‘Roll Credits’  (Genre: turnbalism, electronica, alternative hip-hop) – Vancouver/ Montreal, Canada





6. The Fratellis – ‘Chelsea Dagger’ (Genre : Rock ‘N’ Roll ) – Glasgow, Scotland





7. Hudson Mohawke – ‘Warriors (Feat. Ruckazoid & Devaeux)’ (Genre: electronic)- Glasgow, Scotland / London, England





8. Powers – ‘Beat Of My Drum‘  (Genre/ Style: alternative pop)- L.A. / N.Y.C. , U.S.A.





9. Gardens & Villa – ‘Fixations‘  (Genre: alternative, “Galactic Fever”) – Santa Barbara, California, U.S.A.





10 Unknown Mortal Orchestra – ‘Ur Life One Night’ (Genre:  ”psychedelic R&B, depression funk, dadwave” ) – Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.





11. The Fratellis ‘ Me and the Devil’ (Genre : Rock ‘N’ Roll ) – Glasgow, Scotland





12. Chet Faker – ‘Gold’ (Genre/ Style: electronic, downtempo, soul, trip hop) -Melbourne, Australia






13. Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment – ‘Slip Slide’  (Style: cross-genre, experimental /collaboration, rhyme, hip hop, acid rap, pure vibe) – Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.





14. Meg Myers – ‘Sorry (Ethnikids Remix)’ (Genre: pop rock) – Nashville, Tennessee / Los Angeles, California , U.S.A.





15. Lady Lamb – ‘Billions Of Eyes’ (Genre: alternative, indie, pop) – Brunswick, Maine, U.S.A.





16. Hillary Hand – ‘In My Head‘  (Genre: indie rock, indie pop, art rock, electronic )- Colorado Springs , Colorado, U.S.A.





17. Opt-In – ‘Apologia‘ (Genre: trance, tech-trance, progressive DJ) – Hamburg, Germany





18. Nothern American – ‘Modern Phenomena’ (Genre/ Style: alternative rock) – Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.





19. Andy Sydow – ‘New Orleans’ (Genre: rock, folk, blues, Americana) -Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.





20. Northern Faces – ‘Back And At It’ (Genre/ Style: alternative rock) New York, U.S.A.





21. Leeroy Stagger – ‘Waste Of A Wedding’ (Genre: alternative country) - Victoria/Lethbridge Alberta , CANADA





22. Winters Island – ‘Ares’  (Genre/ Style: electronic) -London, England





23. Scavenger Hunt – ‘Wildfire’ (Genre/ Style: alternative , pop) – Los Angeles, California , U.S.A.





24. My Sleeping Karma – ‘Vayu’ (Genre: psychedelic, stoner, instrumental, space,  progressive Rock) – Aschaffenburg, Germany





25. Honeyhoney – ‘You And I’ (Genre: Americana, alternative country) – Cleveland Ohio and Williamstown Massachusettes / L.A., Nashville, N.Y.C , U.S.A.





26. Lucifer – ‘White Mountain‘  (Genre: “heavy magic rock”) -Berlin, Germany/ London, England





27. Shonen Knife, ‘Cookie Day’ (Genre: J-pop, indie pop, pop punk) -Osaka, Japan





28. The Darkness – ‘Mighty Wings’ (Genre: hard rock) – Lowestoft, England





29. Mura Masa – ‘Firefly (Feat. Nao)’ (Genre : hip hop, electronic )- United Kingdom





30. Hawksley Workman – ‘Make Up Your Mind Tonight’ (Genre: alternative pop, caberet, glam rock) -Huntsville, Ontario, Canada





31. Prince Innocence – ‘Cheree (Suicide Cover)’ - (Genre: minimalist / synth wave) – Toronto, Canada





32. Ms Mr – ‘Painted’ (Genre: glitch pop, soul fuzz, electroshock) – New York, U.S.A.





33. Lion Babe – ‘Treat Me Like Fire‘ (Genre: soul, R&B) – N.Y.C. , U.S.A.





34. White – ‘Future Pleasures’ (Genre: synth-pop)- Glasgow, Scotland





35. Dam-Funk – ‘We Continue’ (Genre: modern funk, funktronica) – Pasadena, California, U.S.A.





36.  Hot Chip – ‘How Do You Do?’ (Genre: electronic) – London, U.K.





37 .Hawksley Workman – ‘Don’T Take Yourself Away (Instant Nostalgia)‘ (Genre: alternative , pop, caberet, glam rock) -Huntsville, Ontario, Canada





38. Hot Chip – ‘Don’T Deny Your Heart’ (Genre: electronic) – London, England





39 . Khiron – ‘Rocksteady’ (Genre: electronic, breakbeat) -Seattle, Washininton, U.S.A.





40 Angra – ‘Storm Of Emotions’ (Genre: heavy metal) -São Paulo, Brasil





41. Father John Misty – ‘I Love You, Honeybear’ (Genre: modern American pop, alternative, indie rock) – Rockville, Maryland / L.A. , U.S.A.





42 . Flume – ‘Some Minds’ (Genre/ Style: electronic, experimental, wonky, trip hop, alternative)- Sydney, Australia





43. Native Construct – – ‘Come Hell Or High Water: Quiet World‘ (Genre: progressive metal/ art rock) – Boston, Massachusettes, U.S.A.





44. Sleep State – ‘Make A Move’ (Genre: electronic pop rock) – L.A., California, U.S.A.





45. Modern Suspects – ‘Told You So’ (Genre: pop, alternative) – Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.





46 I Am The Albatross – ‘Port City’ (Genre: heavy Americana, western psychedelic, gothic folk, Rock n’ Roll) – Austin, Texas, U.S.A.





47. Diplo & Cl – ‘Doctor Pepper (Feat. Riff Raff & Og Maco)‘ (Genre: hip hop, rap, electronica, K-Pop) – Edgewater, Florida, U.S.A. & Seoul, Korea





48 . The Peach Kings – ‘Thieves And Kings‘ (Genre: alternative) – Highland Park, East L.A., U.S.A.





49. Basia Bulat – ‘Heart Of My Own’ (Genre: indie, pop, funk, soul) – Ontario, Canada





50. The Photo Atlas – ‘No Regrets’ (Genre: indie, dance, punk) -Denver, Colorado


by @airambrosia in cooperation with  SONG SYNERGY

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